Policies: Salary Administration

For each policy below you will find the pdf versions as well as the policy history, the statutory authority, the administrative code, previous policies and FAQs when applicable.

Policies and guidelines that define the Career Banding framework and outlines the Career Banding Salary Administration plan.

This policy was repealed in August 2014.

Policy guidelines for demotions or reassignments.

Policy guidelines for extended work duty for critical coverage shortages in certain medically related classes.

Policy guidelines for compensation of Foreign Service Employees.

An overview of the compensation plan foundation for ensuring consistent and equitable application of pay decisions and the administration of pay practices.

Policy guidelines for Holiday Premium pay for employees required to work on designated holidays.

Policy guidelines for horizonal transfers.

Policy guidelines for the administration of hours worked and overtime compensation.

Policy guidelines for In-Range Adjustments in an employee's salary.

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