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This Core Accidental Death & Dismemberment plan pays a benefit if you suffer a loss as the result of a covered accident. You are eligible for up to $10,000 for you or your beneficiary. It also pays a benefit if you suffer certain disabling injuries while covered.

If you plan on traveling 100 miles from home, you have the services of Worldwide Emergency Travel Assistance. If you are in an accident, just call the phone number provided to arrange any assistance needed related to the accident.

* Core Accidental Death & Dismemberment is a benefit that covers employees only and it is of NO COST to you. All you have to do is enroll!

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A.C. Newman/Gerber Life Insurance Company Contact Infomation (AD&D)


(800) 257-0930
9 a.m. – 6 p.m. (EST), Mondays – Fridays

Emergency Travel Assistance Services
(800) 872-1414


Plan Information

Core AD&D Form

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I receive the Core AD&D benefit at no cost?

You must enroll for Core AD&D coverage during annual enrollment, or within 30 days of becoming eligible for coverage. You must also designate a beneficiary, which may or may not be the same beneficiary you designate for Voluntary AD&D.

What is Core Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance?

Core Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) insurance pays $10,000 when you die as the result of an accident. Also, a percentage of the death benefit will be paid if the accident causes a covered loss other than death, such as loss of speech or hearing, or loss of a limb.

What is excluded from coverage?

Refer to the Benefits Guide for details on the general exclusions.

Will my coverage continue while I’m on an unpaid leave of absence?

No. Coverage will end at the end of the month that your unpaid leave begins. You must re-enroll in Core AD&D when you return to work.

Can I continue coverage if I am no longer eligible?

No. Coverage is available to you as an eligible employee and cannot be continued if you are no longer ineligible.

What is Worldwide Travel Assistance Services?

Worldwide Travel Assistance Services, previously referred to as Assist America, is a service offered with AD&D Contracts for Insured's traveling 100 miles or more from his or her legal residence or in another country which is not the country of residence. These services are provided by and must be arranged by Assist America, Inc. as no claims for reimbursement will be accepted. More information on these services can be found in the Assist America Brochure or on the Assist America website.

For questions regarding Worldwide Travel Assistance Services, call (800) 257-0930. Please remember to print your Assist America card, and keep it with you while traveling.

Note: you must be enrolled for coverage to be eligible for Assist America benefits.

How will my Health Care and Dependent Day Care Flexible Spending Accounts be affected during an unpaid leave of absence?

Flexible Spending Account contributions can only be continued through the end of the plan year while on an unpaid leave of absence. This is because you don’t save taxes under the spending accounts unless you’re receiving a paycheck. Also, elections don’t automatically continue into the new plan year. You’re required to make new elections each year. If you’re planning to incur health care expenses during your leave or you have a remaining balance in your account that you don’t want to forfeit, then you should consider continuing your Health Care spending account. However, for the Dependent Day Care spending account, expenses incurred during the leave period cannot be reimbursed under the plan. Therefore, it’s recommended you discontinue this particular account during an unpaid leave.

How will my critical illness coverage be affected during an unpaid leave of absence?

You can continue the Critical Illness plan provided you pay the premiums based on the payment options of Prepay or pay-as-you-go. If you decide not to continue the benefits or fail to pay the required premiums, the Critical Illness Insurance will cancel. You can choose to enroll back into the Critical Illness plan once you return to work. The effective date will be the 1st of the month following the date you resume an active work status and elect to reenroll in the Critical Illness plan. All policy and certificate requirements will apply (including the waiting period and pre-existing limitation). Any claims incurred during the period gap will not be paid. Note: The rules listed above also apply to participants on Military Leave.

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