This policy is concerning the unlawful employment of individuals who are not authorized to work in the United States.

The In-Range Adjustments Policy defines salary increase adjustments related to job change, equity, and labor market. This policy addresses increase amounts and agency responsibility for granting an increase in and eligible employee's salary within the employee's current salary range and within the agency where the employee is employed.

Incentive leave may be used as a recruitment tool to assist in the employment of qualified individuals who are middle or late career applicants employed outside of State government and who are interested in accepting employment with the State of North Carolina.

The purpose of the State of North Carolina’s Incident Investigation and Reporting Program is to provide reporting requirements, investigation techniques, documentation, and training to ensure the effective investigation of all incidents and near hits. An effective investigation identifies root causes and develops corrective actions to prevent future occurrences. This program provides tools to track incidents and near hits, looks for trends, and shares information to develop injury prevention programs.

This document provides the policy guidelines for initial/newly classified positions subject to the State Human Resources Act.

This policy provides guidelines for requesting and approving the interchange of government employees between state and federal government entities.

These are the new and/or updated Class Specs for the 2018 Statewide Classification & Compensation Program. 

The Job Hazard Analysis Program is designed to ensure that workplace safety, health, and personal safety are prime considerations in the development and planning of all tasks to be performed by employees. It is also intended to identify personal protective equipment necessary to protect employees from reasonably anticipated hazards associated with work activities.

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