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This policy provides guidance outlining when a state agency or university may or may not enter into employment contracts with employees.

This policy outlines what conditions must be met prior to a state agency or university making an employment offer.

It is the policy of the State of North Carolina that veterans, spouses of disable veterans, and surviving spouses of deceased veterans are all granted preference in employment with every state department, agency, and institution.

The EEO Policy outlines provisions for the EEODF Training which is required by G.S. 126 for all supervisors and managers hired, promoted, or appointed on or after July 1, 1991.

The policy sets forth a standardized EEO policy applicable for all state agencies, departments, and universities, and this policy details the necessary requirements for compliance in all EEO plans, which are reviewed and approved annually by the NC Office of State Human Resources.

This policy provides guidelines for extended work duty for critical coverage shortages in certain medically related classes.

This program establishes requirements and criteria for fall protection in compliance with OSHA Standard 29 CFR 1926.500 for all workers performing work in areas in which fall protection may be required.

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