Under the state’s overtime compensation policy, certain employees are exempt from the provision for overtime pay. To grant these employees compensating time is a decision that must be made by an agency head using the provisions outlined in this policy. 

This policy was repealed in August 2014.

This program provides direction to persons that are required to work in confined spaces as part of their job duties. It is also a means by which employees can be protected from the hazards associated with entry into permit-required confined spaces. Procedures must be developed by which employees enter such spaces.

This policy defines the different types of creditable services in NC State Government.

The purpose of this information is to help those who must notify survivors of the death or life-threatening injury of a family member or co-worker while at work. Death notification is acknowledged to be one of the most difficult tasks faced by professionals, because learning of the death of a loved one often is the most traumatic event in a person’s life.

This policy provides guidelines for demotions or reassignments.

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