It is the intent of the State Human Resources Commission in establishing this policy to provide for state employees and state government management a fair, clear and useful tool for correcting and improving performance problems, as well as to provide a process to assist management in handling cases of unacceptable personal conduct.

This policy defines dual employment and how to administer a dual employment work arrangement.

The state may provide leave with pay or leave without pay for certain types of educational courses. This document references the specific policies that apply.

In these archive reports, data was collect and presented on the general characteristics of the state’s workforce representation by demographics including occupational categories and compensation for agencies and universities. They also include achievement of goals and objectives.

In these past report, data was collected and analyzed on a variety of personnel functions including hiring, promotion, representation, compensation, grievances, and disciplinary actions.

This is a template Emergency Action Plan to assist agencies and universities in the creation of an agency- or university-specific emergency response plan. This plan provides procedural information for how to respond to a fire, natural disaster, bomb threat, active shooter, etc. 

When an emergency closing of a state facility or workplace occurs, the State shall provide paid time off for employees who are required to evacuate a location or worksite as a result of emergency conditions as determined by emergency/public safety officials or the agency head in consultation with the agency’s safety officer or designee. This policy governs the guidelines of emergency closings.

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