The Holiday Premium Pay Policy defines compensation requirements, designated holidays, and shift schedules for employees required to work on a holiday.

This policy provides the guidelines for horizontal transfers.

This policy provides the guidelines for the administration of hours worked and overtime compensation.

The In-Range Adjustments Policy defines salary increase adjustments related to job change, equity, and labor market. This policy addresses increase amounts and agency responsibility for granting an increase in and eligible employee's salary within the employee's current salary range and within the agency where the employee is employed.

This document provides the policy guidelines for initial/newly classified positions subject to the State Human Resources Act.

The Longevity Policy defines eligibility for longevity pay, accruals, prorated payments, movement between agencies, and the effects of longevity while on leave and its effect on base pay. This policy also outlines agency responsibility in determining the quantity of qualifying service.

The New Appointments Policy provides guidelines for new appointments to a position in state government.

This policy outlines the guidelines for on-call and emergency callback pay for employees required to serve in on-call status or called back to work.

This policy provides guidelines for any employee's promotion to a position assigned a higher grade.

This policy outlines the guidelines for reallocation to a position assigned to a different classification.

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