EEO, Diversity & Inclusion

Equal Employment Opportunity, as a concept, philosophy, principle and practice is an integral aspect of North Carolina State Government's personnel system. The provision of equal employment opportunity for all persons regardless of their race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, genetic information or disability has long been recognized by state government and the North Carolina State Human Resources Commission as a social, legal and economic obligation involving all aspects of employment.

Diversity management is a combination of programs, policies and activities that support an environment wherein employee differences are valued and integrated into each part of the organization's operations. It assists in developing and promoting culturally diverse employees to ensure that managers retain and capitalize on the ideas and skills those employees bring to the organization. Successful diversity management initiatives enhance both the performance and the cohesiveness of an organization.

As an employer, North Carolina State Government is committed to equal employment opportunity for applicants and employees; and has and will continue to take full advantage of all the talents, skills and abilities of all available human resources. The State supports a work environment that fosters respect and values all people.

The Office of State Human Resources is charged with the responsibility of leading State government's EEO and diversity efforts by developing programs and policies to promote equal employment opportunity, diversity, fair and impartial treatment of all employees in all terms and conditions of employment throughout all aspects of the workforce.

Compliance is a concept which commits an employer to provide high quality Human Resource (HR) services. Compliance ensures that state agencies, universities, and institutions are able to attract, motivate, develop and retain a competent and diverse workforce that meets the business needs of government.

Compliance for all human resource management functions is essential to the state’s HR system goal of providing quality human resource services. On October, 2012 the compliance function was redesigned and the staff was assigned to other Divisions in OSHR. Click here to go to the results of the former Compliance Unit’s work and accomplishments.