Getting Paid and FAQ

How often do I get paid?

Temporary staff are paid biweekly. A copy of the pay schedule is posted here.

How do I submit my time?

This is dependent on where you are on assignment.

  1. If you are on an assignment that participates in the automated time entry, you are required to key and release your time daily to your supervisor. They will approve it online for payroll processing.
  2. If you are on an assignment that does NOT participate in the automated time entry, you are required to submit a paper time sheet to Temporary Solutions for payroll.

Who is responsible for submitting the paper time sheets?

You are responsible for ensuring that your time sheet is submitted to Temporary Solutions timely.

What happens if my supervisor submits my time sheet late?

It will be keyed and processed on the following payroll. No special payroll checks are processed for late time sheets whether they are submitted by the employee or by the supervisor.

When are time sheets due?

If you are on an assignment that requires the submittal of the paper time sheets, they are due Monday following the end of the pay period. If they are not received on that Monday, they will be considered LATE and processed on the following payroll.

Who decides what my pay rate will be?

Temporary Solutions follows the salary administration policy and does salary qualification worksheets on all temporary employees. Your placement counselor will give you your hourly rate for the assignment.

How do I receive my payroll check?

Temporary Solutions and the State of North Carolina requires automatic deposits of all payroll checks. You must complete proper documentation requesting an exemption of the process. It will be reviewed by the Office of State Controller and approved or denied.

How do I receive my paycheck stub?

You must print your check stubs from the BEACON online portal. When you begin an assignment, you will be given access to the website. It will remain active while you are on an assignment and you will be responsible for printing your check stub. They are not printed and mailed by the Office of State Controller or Temporary Solutions.

How do I change my direct deposit information?

You must complete a new direct deposit form that is located on our website and attached the voided check or bank documentation with both the routing and account number and submit it to Temporary Solutions.

What do I need to do if I need to change my address or phone number?

You must complete the change of address form that is located on our website and submit it to Temporary Solutions. We will update the information in the system.

What do I need to do to update my tax deductions?

You must complete a new W4 for the federal withholding changes. If you are changing your state tax withholdings, then you will need to complete the NC4 form. These forms are submitted to Temporary Solutions for processing.

Who do I need to notify that I am taking my 31-day break?

You need to let your placement counselor know that placed you on the assignment. They will then know that you are available for additional assignments.

What do I do after my assignment ends?

You need to let the placement counselor that worked with you on placement into the assignment that it has ended. You will need to let the placement counselor know if you are interested in a new assignment or no

How do I let Temporary Solutions know that I’m available for a new assignment?

Please call front desk at 919.715 2523 to be put on availability list and at the same time apply for posted positions on the NC OSHR job seekers website. TS positions are listed under Office of Human Resources

What do I need to do if the agency wants me back after my 31-day break?

You must let the placement counselor know. They will communicate with the program. You should NOT go back to work without speaking with the placement counselor. This will cause you to NOT be paid timely.

Am I eligible for benefits?

If you are placed on an assignment that requires you to work 30 hours or more per week, you will be eligible for High Deductible Health Plan. However, Temporary Solutions does not offer leave benefits such as: vacation, sick, or paid holidays.

Am I eligible for overtime pay?

Yes, if you are in a position that is deemed subject to overtime pay by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), you will be paid overtime. If you are placed in a professional position that is exempt from the FLSA, then you will not be paid overtime. Your placement counselor will inform you at the time of placement if you are in an exempt position.

Am I eligible for holiday pay?

If you are scheduled to work on the holiday, you will be paid at time and a half for the hours worked. Your supervisor must approve for you to work on a Holiday.  If you do not work on the holiday, Temporary Solutions does not pay holiday pay leave benefits.

Who decides my work schedule and my hours?

Your work schedule is determined by the program where you are placed. They will inform you of the business needs and you will be required to work the designated schedule as they set forth at the beginning of the assignment.

What if I do not like my assignment?

Notify the placement counselor. They will work with you to help make the assignment a better one. If that is not possible, they will begin to look for an alternate assignment. You should always contact your placement counselor first.

What happens if I get a permanent position with the state?

As soon as you have been offered the position and a start date has been set, contact your placement counselor. They will work with you during the transition. This is very critical. Permanent positions are paid on a monthly pay schedule (once a month). They will be able to provide you with information as to when you can expect your final check with Temporary Solutions.

Is parking provided?

Parking is dependent upon where your assignment is located. Some agencies that are not located in downtown Raleigh have free parking at their respective locations. However, if you are on assignment in the downtown area, your supervisor will let you know if they have spaces available for you while working on the assignment. If they do not, you can contact the State Parking Office and get a space. It is not free. The cost of the space is $10 per month and you must pay for 3 months at a time. The contact information for the State Parking Office is located in the packet that is provided to you by your placement counselor.

What if I am offered another position before my assignment ends?

Contact your placement counselor and let them know. They will need to work with the program to ensure that they have coverage for you prior to you leaving the assignment.

What happens if I am sick and cannot work?

You need to contact your supervisor on the assignment. Any absences and late arrivals need to be communicated directly to the supervisor. If you have tried and cannot speak with them, please leave a voicemail for them and then contact your placement counselor at Temporary Solutions as well. They will follow up with the program as well.

Whom do I contact if I have questions about my NCID? What if I get locked out or forget my password?

Please contact Temporary Solutions at 919-715-2632, ask to speak with the NCID administrator.

How do I get my personnel number?

After you have been placed on your first assignment, in approximately fifteen days  you will receive an email from our office with your personnel number. This number will not change and will remain the same for all future assignments.

Am I eligible to join the NC State Employees' Credit Union (NCSECU)?

Yes, after receiving your first paycheck from Temporary Solutions, you will be able to join the NCSECU. You can contact your local branch for details or visit the NCSECU website.

How do I find out what the due date is for a 31-day break?

You break date is on the 11th month from your start date. For example, if you start work on 5/5/2019, your break due date is 04/04/2020.  If you are not sure about your start date, you may contact your Placement Counselor. An email is also sent 45 to 60 days in advance of the due date of the 31-day break to let you know that required break is forth coming so that you can make arrangements.

Who is exempt from 31day break?

Retirees: NC State government retirees and retirees form private sector or any other government entity who are not seeking permanent employment.

Full time students: Undergraduate students taking at least twelve (12) semester hours or graduate students taking at least nine (9) semester hours are considered full-time students and are therefore exempt from the eleven (11) month maximum and 31-day break in service.