High Deductible Health Plan

General Information:

Due to the bi-weekly pay, eligible employees will have approximately. 10 days or less to enroll.  It is critical to have the most current home address and personnel email information in Beacon.  Any address/name changes must be completed on the Temp Solutions’ paper change form and submitted to temporary.solutions@nc.gov

Late enrollments do not merit an exception request due to enrollment process may be completed either online or by phone.

Once the employee separates or is delinquent in premium payments, coverage is terminated.

It is the employee’s responsibility to notify  toula.capetanos@nc.gov  of his/her last day of work.  Any premiums paid after separation date may not be refunded. 

This Plan is an employer/employee coverage which means both employer and employee have contributing payments to this Plan. 

Insurance monthly premium payments ARE NOT deducted from the bi-weekly payroll.  A paper invoice is mailed on the 10th of each month by the HDHP billing company (iTEDIUM) to the active participant for payment.  Active participants are responsible for monthly payments either through paper check or automatic draft.   If active participant requests automatic draft, please contact iTEDIUM (1-855-442-6272 option #1 only) for instructions. 

This HDHP coverage is for one year.  Active participants will be measured annually for eligibility for the forthcoming year.  The eligibility is directly related to how many average hours were worked during the measurement period.  To retain eligibility and continue coverage, the active participant must maintain an average work schedule of 30hrs/week or more.   Otherwise, coverage terms 12/31.

If a NC State Govt retiree measures over 1559hrs as indicated on the year’s measurement period report, retiree will either take a 13 week break to “reset” the insurance clock, OR contracting Agency will agree to pay monthly active State Health Plan cost towards the retiree insurance coverage.  There are more steps in this process to be completed within a very small window of eligibility time.

Eligible: (effective 1st day of next month of first day work)

  • New Hires/Non-Beacon to Beacon who are assigned to work 30 hours or more.

  • Appt Changes to change assigned work hours from 29 (or under) to 30 or more.

  • Employees who have been separated for at least 13 weeks.

  • Employees who are returning from their 31-day break AND had coverage up to their separation date.

  • Employees who are on the HDHP’s Annual Standard Measurement Period report. 

This measurement period is from Nov. 1 to Oct. 31.  It reflects employees who work an average of 30hrs or more/week during this standard measurement period.  (1560hrs = 30hrs/week)

  • Perm employees going into a Temp position (regardless of part-time/full time status) within 13weeks.

Not Eligible:

  • Seasonal employees as indicated on the job order (assignments less than 6-months) are not eligible.

  • Employees who are reinstated from their break (less than 13wks) who did not already enroll at their first opportunity.

  • Employees who had coverage, but were delinquent in premium payments are not eligible to re-enroll on their next reinstatement.  They may be eligible to enroll during HDHP’s Annual Enrollment depending on the number of work hours from Nov. 1 to Oct. 31.  If the number of work hours is 1,560 or more, then they are eligible to enroll during the HDHP’s Annual Enrollment.