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State Employee Memorial Program

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This guide is designed to assist current and retired State employees and their family members in understanding the steps involved in securing the death benefits to which a State employee’s family is entitled. If a State employee dies in the line of service, the family will be offered the services of the Employee Memorial Program. Family members will be presented with a North Carolina flag which has been flown over the Capitol in memory of the deceased employee; a cherry flag case in which the flag is placed after presentation to the family; a certificate verifying when the flag was flown over the Capitol; and a letter from the Governor and a letter from the State Human Resources Director. Honor Guards may participate in the wake or funeral service as appropriate. Each year, an Employee Memorial Ceremony will be held in May in Raleigh to honor those that died in the line of service during the previous year. Families of the deceased employees will be invited and those that wish to attend such as co-workers, and others are welcomed.

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