Policies: Recruitment, Selection & Workforce Planning

For each policy below you will find the pdf versions as well as the policy history, the statutory authority, the administrative code, previous policies and FAQs when applicable.

This policy is concerning the unlawful employment of individuals who are not authorized to work in the United States.

History of policy revisions for Priority Reemployment for Violations of G.S. 126-14.2

This policy is concerning the reemployment requirements for exempt policymaking and exempt managerial employees.

History of policy revisions for Priority Referral System

History of policy revisions for Promotional Priority

This policy outlines the process and requirements as it relates to recruiting and posting vacancies for the State of North Carolina.

History of policy revisions for Recruitment

This policy outlines the selection process for the State North Carolina. Additionally, this policy outlines the appeal process and employment limitations as it relates to selection.

With the authority granted by 2013 NC Executive Order #4 “Temporary Employment Services” the Cabinet Agencies were required to utilize the NC Office of State Human Resources (OSHR), through Temporary Solutions, to secure temporary employees. House Bill 97 further established that all state agencies which utilize temporary employees to perform work, excluding Information Technology related work, will employ all temporary employees through Temporary Solutions.

This policy outlines the employment preference afforded to candidates who have served in the Armed Forces on active duty during defined periods.

This policy addresses the need for all agencies to develop a Workforce Planning Program.