Policies: Separation

For each policy below you will find the pdf versions as well as the policy history, the statutory authority, the administrative code, previous policies and FAQs when applicable.

An agency has the authority to separate an employee whenever it is necessary due to shortage of funds or work, abolishment of a position, or other material change in duties or organization.

This policy addresses the employment priority afforded to Reduction-in-Force (RIF) candidates.

The Reorganization through Reduction (RTR) program is a voluntary employee separation program which enables an agency to restructure.

Separation from state government service occurs when an employee leaves the payroll.

G.S. 126-8.5 provides for severance salary continuation or a discontinued service retirement allowance when the Director of the Budget determines that the closing of a state institution or a reduction in force (RIF) will accomplish economies in the state budget, provided reemployment is not available. “Economies in the State Budget” means economies resulting from elimination of a job and its responsibilities or from a lack of funds to support the job.