Work From Home

This North Carolina program permits agencies to designate employees to work at alternate work locations for all or part of the work week in order to promote general work efficiencies. The Office of State Human Resources has established these rules so that teleworking may be offered by State agencies as a work option to ensure competitive advantages with other employers and to meet the environmental and budgetary challenges of the future as directed by the legislature and governor. Pursuant to the mandate contained in G.S. 126-1 to apply the best methods of personnel administration as evolved in business and industry, OSHR has established the following rules to provide assistance to agencies in developing teleworking programs.

Advisory Note: Teleworking programs must be designed so that a reasoned determination can be made as to the benefits of teleworking within North Carolina State government. It is recognized that a public employer has a special obligation to ensure that employees and work resources are being used efficiently and productively.




Teleworking Program Policy