General Statement

House Bill 1006 requires that departments, agencies, and universities develop and submit Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Plans and Programs that provide positive measures to assure equitable and fair representation of North Carolina's citizens. One of the primary functions of the Division is to provide technical assistance to agencies/universities as they develop/update their EEO Plans and Programs which must be submitted to the Office of State Human Resources by March 1st of each year for approval.

The Division has established a process to review EEO Plans. After the plans are reviewed to ensure compliance with standards, agencies and universities are notified of their approval and a report is submitted to the NC General Assembly detailing the status of all EEO plans.

Steps in the EEO Programs and Plan Review Process

Step 1

  • Review previous processes and standards to determine if changes are needed
  • Send letter notifying agencies and universities of changes and process for the year

Step 2

  • Log in plans as they are received
  • Distribute plans to assigned HR Consultants

Step 3

  • Review plans for compliance with requirements/standards
  • Consult with EEO Officers on status of plan and review
  • Receive and review all requested adjustments
  • Recommend action
  • Complete approval letter for Office of State Human Resources Director’s signature
  • Distribute approval letter to agency or university

Step 4

  • File approved plans, checklist and letter in agency or university folder