For each policy below you will find the pdf versions as well as the policy history, the statutory authority, the administrative code, previous policies and FAQs when applicable.

The Academic Assistance Policy provides guidelines for when and how academic assistance should be utilized, reimbursement and associated leave.

This policy requires the State to provide education and training on work practices and procedures to ensure that employees who are exposed to or have HIV infection are provided with confidential, fair and equal treatment.

The State of North Carolina must ensure the delivery of services to citizens and businesses even during times of adverse weather conditions. Considering the varied geographic locations and diversity of State operations, it is the intent of this policy to establish uniform operations during times of adverse weather conditions and to establish guidelines for accounting for time and for releasing non-mandatory employees from work.

Policy defines employment requirements and summarizes eligibility for benefits for the different types of employee appointments and defines career State employee status.

This document provides details for how to administer and record bonus leave in the BEACON system.

Policies and guidelines that define the Career Banding framework and outlines the Career Banding Salary Administration plan.

Policy that governs civil leave administration.

Position management involves the design and control of individual positions to achieve a proper balance of values. This policy governs position management within the State of North Carolina.

This policy outlines State processes in the event of a communicable disease or other serious public health threat designated a public health emergency.

This policy covers the definition and administration of Community Service Leave.

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