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The Classification and Compensation Section plans, creates, monitors, maintains, and revises the State's classification and compensation programs. The Section performs significant analysis of workforce changes and labor market trends to organize and define different types of work and to determine state employee compensation and benefits. To better attract, retain, develop, and motivate a high-performing, diverse workforce, the Office of State Human Resources is conducting the Statewide Compensation System Project. The goal of the project is to create a modern and streamlined system for state government that is market-responsive and equitable.

Statewide Compensation System Project

The Statewide Compensation System Project began in 2013 to consolidate the State’s current two primary compensation systems: graded and banded. The current system is inconsistent, so the project will create a modern and streamlined compensation system for state government that is market-responsive and equitable. OSHR is working to reduce the number of state job classifications from over 2,000 to under 1,000. This new system will more accurately identify job classifications and group them in a more meaningful and logical way.

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