Friday, September 4, 2015

North Carolina launches new branding initiative

<p>OSHR Communications Director David Prickett was interviewed by Time Warner Cable News on the state&#39;s new branding initiative. Watch the story on <a href="">TWCNews</a>.</p><p>&nbsp;</p>
Sep 4, 2015

From Time Warner Cable News:

North Carolina's Department of Commerce has developed a new branding initiative to promote the state's assets, and help attract business and visitors.

As 1.5 million North Carolinians travel this holiday weekend, there are signs highlighting the state's strong-points, from the mountains to the sea. 

"Nothing compares to our great people, and their can-do attitude,” says North Carolina Commerce Communications Director Kim Genardo.

Genardo says a lot of hard work has gone into the new branding efforts for the state of North Carolina. From focus groups and surveys, to input from not only residents but visitors as well.

The new initiative was announced at a meeting and presentation with state leaders Friday afternoon in Raleigh.

"Our people have lived a brand for North Carolina for years. We're simply crystallizing this across state level cabinet agencies to come up with a way to instill pride, have better customer service and people know where they're going,” said Genardo.

The deep green and blue color schemes signify the mountains to the sea, with the state tree, a pine, in the middle. Also, there are 75 of the billboards spread out across the state with the new NC logo and the slogan, "nothing compares."

Communications Director for the NC Office of State Human Resources David Prickett says there's always issues and situations that arise that create challenges. He says the current budget impasse is no more or less challenging than a lot of other things that occur.   

"There's always going to be issues that come up, customer's that aren't happy, you know, public relations issues, things like that. So it's really no different. You just take it in stride and deal with them as they come about,” said Prickett.

Governor Pat McCrory released this statement which in part reads: 

The new look and messaging are reflective of the people and the assets that make this state such an inspiring place to live, work and play. North Carolina has great momentum and will be even stronger with support of a brand that pulls everything together.

The branding will also be used in print, on TV commercials, and on state websites and social media. The new logo will be phased in to all cabinet agencies over the next few months.