Flexibility for Employees in Adverse Weather Events

State government provides an option for Non-Emergency Employees who feel they are unable to safely travel to or from the worksite to use Adverse Weather Leave, with supervisor approval, to account for missed time.

To download the Adverse Weather Flyer in PDF format, click here.

With concern for the safety and well-being of all state employees, the State of North Carolina has an Adverse Weather Policy that sets guidelines for state employees who miss work during adverse weather events and outlines their responsibilities.

Even if a State of Emergency is declared and people are encouraged to stay home and keep roads clear – or if an agency temporarily suspends its public services – state government employees are required to use leave to cover time for work missed. Employees who are approved for Adverse Weather Leave have 90 days to make up lost time.

Employees are responsible for discussing options with their supervisor when adverse weather – including but not limited to snow, ice, high winds, storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, flooding and other events that may create safety risk – is forecast for an area where they work or live. In addition to Adverse Weather Leave, options may include telework.

Employees designated as “emergency” during adverse weather events are required to report to work during extreme weather conditions and should plan accordingly. Typically, this includes positions that maintain public safety and transportation or provide direct patient care and related services, but also may include other positions. If you are uncertain if this applies to you, check with your supervisor.

Adverse weather can impact teleworking employees as well. Employees with an approved Agency Teleworking Plan may be eligible to work from home or authorized alternate worksite. If conditions impact your ability to work from a remote location, contact your supervisor. With supervisor approval, affected employees may make up time under Adverse Weather Policy.

Monitor Conditions, Visit ReadyNC

State employees should monitor evolving weather forecasts from a reliable news or weather source and know how to contact their supervisor outside of the office, such as by cell or home phone number. Employees are encouraged to take work resources home as appropriate to continue working offsite.

Visit ReadyNC.org for the latest emergency information. A service of N.C. Emergency Management, ReadyNC provides guidelines for preparing emergency kits, including medications and important papers, a three-day supply of food and water, and cash.

Emergency Closing Policy

Non-Emergency employees who live or work in areas declared by emergency officials to be under mandatory evacuation are to follow the Emergency Closing Policy.

In rare cases when an Emergency Closing becomes necessary due to mandatory evacuation or an unsafe building structure, impacted employees will be notified by their agency.