Classification and Compensation


The Classification and Compensation Section plans, creates, monitors, maintains, and revises the State's classification and compensation programs. The Section performs significant analysis of workforce changes and labor market trends to organize and define different types of work and to determine state employee compensation and benefits. To better attract, retain, develop, and motivate a high-performing, diverse workforce, the Office of State Human Resources is implementing a new Statewide Compensation System. 

New Statewide Classification and Compensation System

The new statewide classification and compensation system implemented in July 2018

The state is replacing two outdated systems with one streamlined system. State employees are currently classified and compensated under two different systems: salary graded and career banded. The former has been in existence since 1949. The General Assembly, in 2013, directed OSHR to conduct a Statewide Compensation System Project to address the many challenges and inconsistencies created by having two systems With the July 1, 2018 ,implementation of the new Statewide Classification and Compensation System, we now one modern, streamlined system.

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