LMS Administrators

Agency Name Email Phone
Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services Shawn Garland shawn.garland@ncagr.gov 919-707-3206
Department of Administration Lauren Scott lauren.scott@doa.nc.gov 984-236-0048
Department of Environmental Quality Jaimy Urbach jaimy.urbach@deq.nc.gov 919-707-8311
Department of Justice Kris Joyce kjoyce@ncdoj.gov 919-716-6494
Department of Military and Veteran's Affairs Karen Cheek karen.cheek@nc.gov 984-236-0883
Department of Natural & Cultural Resources John Turner john.turner@ncdcr.gov 919-807-7458
Department of Adult Correction Katrina Lacey katrina.lacey@dac.nc.gov 919-589-5425
Department of Public Safety Mike Deluca mike.deluca@ncdps.gov 919-219-2789
Department of Revenue Tereza Ramseur tereza.ramseur@ncdor.gov 919-814-1251
North Carolina Community College System Veronica Watson watsonv@nccommunitycolleges.edu 919-807-6972
North Carolina School of Science and Math Tracy Fullgraf fullgraf@ncssm.edu 919-416-2663
North Carolina School of Science and Math Jaime Kelsky jaime.kelsky@ncssm.edu 919-416-2662
Office of Administrative Hearings Angeline Hariston angeline.hariston@oah.nc.gov 919-431-3011
Office of State Budget Management Melissa Martin melissa.martin@osbm.nc.gov 919-814-1565
Office of the State Auditor Leanne McLaughlin leanne_mclaughlin@ncauditor.net 919-807-7537
Department of Labor Angela Hamilton angela.hamilton@labor.nc.gov 919-707-7734
Wildlife Resources Commission Althea Trantham althea.trantham@ncwildlife.org 919-707-0101
Board of Elections Deborah Robins deborah.robins@ncsbe.gov 919-814-0762
Department of Transportation Shelby Sanders dotlmssupport@ncdot.gov 919-814-2151
Office of the State Controller Jan Prevo jan.prevo@osc.nc.gov 919-707-0714
Department of Public Safety Penney Mizell-Brooks (Division of Juvenile Justice) penney.mizell-brooks@ncdps.gov 919-324-6379
Banking Commission Jenny Toler jtoler@nccob.gov 919-715-7768
Office of State Budget Management Veronica Patterson veronica.patterson@osbm.nc.gov 919-210-8920
Administrative Office of the Courts Judicial Branch LMS Support learningcenter@nccourts.org 919-890-1271
Department of State Treasurer Shelly Williams shelly.williams@nctreasurer.com 919-814-3833
Office of the Secretary of State Shakeyia Hazell shazell@sosnc.gov 919-807-6971
Office of State Human Resources Natalie Montague natalie.montague@nc.gov 984-236-0800
Department of Insurance Jessica Meeks jessica.meeks@ncdoi.gov 919-807-6051
Department of Adult Correction Charles Rambeau charles.Rambeau@dac.nc.gov 919-457-1180
Department of Public Instruction Houston Davis houston.davis@dpi.nc.gov 984-236-2219
Office of the Governor Karen Cheek karen.cheek@nc.gov 984-236-0883
Department of Commerce Coley Stilley coley.stilley@commerce.nc.gov 919-814-4667
Department of Commerce Cameron Bullock cameron.bullock@commerce.nc.gov
Department of Administration Sridhar Babu sridhar.babu@doa.nc.gov 984-236-0053
Department of Health and Human Services Helena Coston https://rb.gy/9mq4ax 919-855-3473
Department of Adult Correction Abby Parker abby.parker@dac.nc.gov 919-733-2126
Department of Information Technology Michelle Willis michelle.c.willis@nc.gov

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