Miles for Wellness Challenge 21

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Miles for Wellness Challenge 21: The Trail to Go Green, ran from March 16 to May 10, 2020 and celebrated the Earth Day 50th Anniversary, Participants were able to log any form of physical activity to move along the virtual trail, which highlighted a variety of events, including opportunities for environmental stewardship, festivals and educational sessions.

Earth Day was formally launched in April 1970 and the movement brought about fundamental environmental laws across the United States and recognition worldwide of the need to protect the environment. The creation of the Clean Air, Clean Water, and Endangered Species Acts and the formation of the Environmental Protection Agency were the first by-products of this historic movement.

The Challenge 21 virtual trail took participants from Kings Mountain, N.C.,  to our nation’s West Coast and back to Bald Head Island. The goal was increase your physical activity without ever having to leave your work/home/play environment!

Challenge 21 Final Team Standings

A woman walking uphill.

Bionic Hare Division

1st Place: All Accounted 4

Department of Public Safety

Total Steps: 13,407,806
Total Miles: 6,704

Photo of team members from All Accounted 4
Top row (L-R):
Darcy Williams, Mark Wilson, Latoya Thomas.
Bottom row (L-R): Juanita James, Team High Stepper Chuck Thrift, Team Captain Angela Melvin.
Not pictured: Junie Jacobs, Monique Hall.

2nd Place: Walking Warriors

Department of Health and Human Services

Total Steps: 13,146,767
Total Miles: 6,573

Team Members: Team Captain Julie Hall, Team High Stepper Dennis Liles, Susan Bryant, Nick Harris, Anne Smith, Kenny McNeese, Alan Cuddington, Roxann  Ferguson, Kimberly Stallings, and Debi Artis

3rd Place: Mountain Fit

Department of Transportation

Total Steps: 12,845,218
Total Miles: 6,423

Top row (L-R):
Karen Duckett, Ben Williams, Ted Adams.
Bottom row (L-R): Roger Ayers, Wanda Austin, Berry Mosteller
Not pictured: Team High Stepper John Holland, Team Captain Sarah Holland.

Super Hare Division

1st Place: Walky Talkys

Department of Health and Human Services

Total Steps: 8,304,246
Total Miles: 4,152

Top row (L-R):
: Team Captain Mark Stewart, Karina Hernandez, Susan Lister
Bottom row (L-R): Christina Powell and Stephanie Moss
Not pictured: Laura Anderson, Michelle Barrett, Daniel Facer, Team High Stepper Erin Piechocinski, Doris Ybarra-Salinas

2nd Place: Globe Trotters

Department of Transportation

Total Steps: 8,260,484
Total Miles: 4,130

Top row (L-R): Karen Duckett, Ben Williams, Ted Adams
Bottom row (L-R): Roger Ayers, Wanda Austin, Berry Mosteller
Not pictured: Team Captain Sarah Holland, Brian Burch, Hillary Chastain, Team High Stepper Jason Chastian, Gregory Connor, Adam Cross, Michele Hall, Michael Jones, Spencer McDonald, Jeremy Bailey, Will Murajda, Michele Noel-LaQuatra, Brad Pyle

3rd Place: I'm Not Using PEDs

Department of Transportation

Total Steps: 8,3096,128
Total Miles: 4,048

Top row (L-R): Team Captain/High Stepper Al Inman, Amanda VanDerBroek, Katie Trout, James Pearce
Bottom row (L-R): Casey McKelvy, Lauren Haviland, Billy Barrier
Not pictured: Aaron Moody, Caroletta Daniels, Sazia Bashar


Hare Division

1st Place: UNC Charlotte R&ED

UNC Charlotte

Total Steps: 5,550,354
Total Miles: 2,775

Top row (L-R):
Nikki Simmons, Valerie Crickard, Team High Stepper Shawnee Haney
Middle row (L-R): Debbie Bolick, Team Captain Leslie Jenkins, John Jacobs
Bottom row (L-R): Hector Henry, Zack Tarlton, Kathy Edwards
Not pictured: Cathy Moore

2nd Place: BTRM+Finance

Department of Health and Human Services

Total Steps: 5,545,607
Total Miles: 2,773

Top row (L-R):
Zaye Brewer, Alice Saunders, and Kristin Troutt
Middle row (L-R): Team Captain Jackie Holloway, Krystal Hilton, Michelle Counts
Bottom row (L-R): Team High Stepper Stephanie Gibbs, Stephanie Nmashie, Brandy McMillian
Not pictured: Deirdre Brown, Lisa Mitchell

3rd Place: EcoTerrestrials

Department of Commerce

Total Steps: 5,521,759
Total Miles: 2,761

Team Members: Joanne Engberg, Tim Fenn, Team Captain Jackie Gallion, Regina Graham, Taryn  Madden, Team High Stepper Tammy Moore, Marcy Paucke, Elizabeth Rouse, Jeff Smith, and Anne Solomon             

Tortoise Division

1st Place: TRANSFORMers

Department of Health and Human Services

Total Steps: 4,459,595
Total Miles: 2,230

Top row (L-R):
Jean Holliday, Cathy Pace
Bottom row (L-R): Susan Bryan, Team Captain Emma Sandoe, Tabitha Bryant
Not pictured: Kimberly Kilpatrick, Debi King, Amanda Van Vleet, Sarah Gregosky, Madhu Vulimiri

2nd Place: Environmental Science Rulz

Department of Commerce

Total Steps: 4,441,292
Total Miles: 2,221

Team Members: Ann Grant, Sarah Gymburch, Brandon Warburton, Bernard Barrameda, Team Captain Bonnie Forbes, Kathy Schnizler, Cille Tutherow, Marc Komlos, Team High Stepper Chris Goforth, Larry Leathers          

3rd Place: The Transporters

Department of Transportation

Total Steps: 4,409,073
Total Miles: 2,205

Top row (L-R):
Brian Radakovic, Andrew McDaniel, Hannah Mann, Team High Stepper Walter Hunt
Bottom row (L-R): Erin Cheely, Team Captain Michelle Berry, Suzana Matta
Not pictured: Jacquelyn Bowles, Misty Bowman, Samuel Megahed.