North Carolina state government promotes and continually strives to provide an environment and culture that fosters best practices and positive voluntary behavior changes that enhance employee safety, health, wellness and health consumer skills as well as be a model for other private and public entities.

Our mission and vision is in alignment with these core Wellness Elements:

  • Cessation of the use of tobacco
  • Optimal nutrition and physical activity
  • Increase skill sets related to resiliency and healthy coping strategies
  • Wise use of healthcare and benefit resources

We recognize that policy and environmental changes have a positive impact on workplace health and wellness. Support for changing health behaviors is key to success. In this effort, OSHR encourages all agencies to:

  • Support physical activity through lunch time walking clubs or posted routes
  • Celebrate at employee gatherings with healthy items (low salt; low saturated fat; low to no added sugar; unprocessed foods items)
  • Remind employees to use stairways when possible
  • Add a higher percentage of “healthier” choices in vending areas and cafeterias

Read the full Worksite Wellness Policy

OSBM Budget Manual

Why Is This So Important?

  • Chronic disease conditions - such as heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, and some cancers - are the result of poor behavior and lifestyle choices such as tobacco use, poor nutrition and inactivity.
  • Each of us can improve some aspect of our health-related behaviors such as eating more nutritious food or practicing better portion control, being more active or just taking better care of ourselves. Everyone has something that they can strive to improve on a daily basis.
  • The Office of State Human Resources covers an employee community of just over 60,000 employees; more than half between 40 and 59 years old. As adults get older, the risk for chronic disease increases, especially for those who do not take good care of themselves on a daily basis.


How do I get involved in the wellness initiative within my agency?

Contact the Wellness Coordinator for your agency, university or community college listed here

Are there funds available for wellness activities?

Please refer to the OSHR Wellness Policy for a full explanation of the monies that are available for wellness activities. Briefly, monies procured or raised can come from lapsed salaries if available and per the Office of State Budget and Management Policy. Donations of resources are acceptable as long as they follow the state ethics policies and guidelines.