Disciplinary Action Policy

When just cause exists, any career state employee, regardless of occupation, position or profession may be warned, demoted, suspended or dismissed by the appointing authority. There are two reasons (just cause) for the discipline or dismissal of employees. These two reasons are:

  • Unsatisfactory job performance, including grossly inefficient job performance, and
  • Unacceptable personal conduct. Some actions by an employee may fall under both reasons. No disciplinary action shall be invalid solely because the disciplinary action is labeled incorrectly.

Statutory Authority: G.S. 126-1.1; 126-4(6), (7a) and (10)126-23; 126-30; 126-35

Administrative Rule: 25 NCAC 01J .0600; 25 NCAC 01J .0316; 25 NCAC 01 .0210