While cash compensation is often the centerpiece of most rewards packages, rewards for North Carolina state employees go far beyond their salaries. State employees receive a number of valuable benefits, in addition to their regular pay. Many of these — such as health and retirement benefits — are being reduced drastically or phased out altogether by employers in the private sector. This combination of compensation and benefits is often referred to as Total Compensation. However, employee attraction and retention are not motivated by compensation and benefits alone. Work-life, recognition, and development programs are equal, if not more important, factors. This combination of compensation, benefits, work-life, recognition, and development is known as Total Rewards.

Average Compensation & Benefits Value

This table illustrates NC state employee benefits as a percentage of average salary and wages (as of December 2014):


Percentage of
Average Salary


Holidays (12 days)



Sick Leave (12 days)



Vacation Leave (17 days)



OASI – DI (Social Security)



Retirement & Disability

  • Retirement Systems Pension Fund - 9.15%
  • Death Benefit Trust Fund - 0.16%
  • Retiree Health Plan Reserve - 5.37%
  • Disability Income Plan - 0.44%







Health Insurance



Longevity Pay



Total Benefit Value



In determining the Percentage of Average Salary, the average state employee’s years of service are 12 years and average state employee salary is $43,785. The total benefit value is added to employees' base pay to determine Total Compensation.

Average Base Pay


Average Benefit Value


Average Total Compensation



Total Compensation Calculator

Current or prospective state employees can estimate the value of their compensation and benefits with this calculator.