Work-Life Program

We all play multiple roles in our work and non-work lives. At work, we are alternately managers, supervisors, and coworkers. Outside work, our role may be that of parent, spouse, caretaker, even student. For many of us, when we’re at work, we’re worried about home and when we’re at home, we’re worried about work.

Often, there is a disconnect between our work and non-work environments, between the needs of our families and the demands of our workplace. In recent years, economic and demographic changes have caused that gap to widen. This disconnect also reflects a broader problem, because our society still sees workplace flexibility as a special perk rather than a critical part of a workplace. There is still a perception that an employee who needs some time to care for an aging parent or attend a parent-teacher conference isn’t fully committed to the job. Or that if you make a workplace more flexible, it is necessarily less productive.

It is time for us to modernize the workplace to meet the needs of our workforce and our families and to dispel the notions that a flexible workplace is not a productive one. The Office of State Human Resources values you and the services you provide our citizens. WWe want to help you be the best you can be, both on and off the job. We are committed to offering programs to help you achieve a balance between your professional and personal lives. 

We have created the Work-Life Website to provide you with one central location to access information about your work-life benefits. Please use this website to keep up with the work-life and workplace flexibility programs available to you and take advantage of them.