Our Mission

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OSHR strives to provide a solid Human Resources Management foundation, responsible oversight, and creative solutions through a collaborative approach with agencies, universities, and local government to maximize the potential of our greatest asset – OUR EMPLOYEES.


Our vision is to excel as a leader and partner in managing Human Resources for a North Carolina State Government that reflects the diversity and talent of our state.


Diversity and Inclusion: Demonstrates an open-minded approach to understanding people, regardless of their race, color, ethnicity, national origin, age, disability, sex, pregnancy, religion, National Guard or veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression; treats all people fairly and consistently and with dignity and respect; effectively builds an inclusive work environment, composed of people from diverse backgrounds and with diverse perspectives, where everyone feels welcomed and valued and is allowed the opportunity to use their skills, abilities, and knowledge to succeed.

Teamwork and Collaboration: Cooperates with others to accomplish common goals. Works with external constituents and other employees to achieve shared goals. Treats others with dignity and respect. Maintains a friendly demeanor. Values the contribution of others. Communicates confidently and clearly using visual, written, and verbal methods. Understands, respects, and responds non-judgmentally to those different from him/herself. Builds effective teamwork. Uses negotiation and persuasion to mobilize others to work toward a common goal. 

Initiative: Proactively identifies ways to contribute to organizational goals and mission. Achieves results without needing reminders from others. Identifies and acts to address problems and opportunities. 

Quality: Consistently delivers high-quality products, services, processes, programs, and projects. Regularly and proactively seeks ways to improve outcomes and results. Produces work that is accurate, efficient, and timely. 

Talent Management (For Supervisors): Clearly establishes and communicates goals and accomplishments. Monitors and evaluates employee performance. Provides timely and effective feedback and coaching. Identifies development needs and helps employees address them. Helps employees achieve optimal performance and gain valuable skills that will translate into strong performance in future roles.

2019-2021 Goals 

  • Implement Recruitment and Training Programs consistent with Governor Cooper’s NC Job Ready Initiative 
  • Modernize and Implement data driven decision capability through analytics 
  • Implement proactive measures to support a state government workforce that reflects the diversity of the people of North Carolina 
  • Continue to update the Classification and Compensation System implemented in June 2018 
  • Leverage HR resources to assist in Hurricane Recovery and Resiliency 
  • Implement additional improvements in Safety and Workers’ Compensation 
  • Continue use of NCFlex as a valuable benefit 
  • Streamline and Modernize Business Systems and Operations 
  • Continue use of Temporary Solutions as a state government efficiency