Mission Statement

To provide a solid Human Resource management foundation, responsible oversight, and creative solutions through a collaborative approach with all stakeholders to maximize the potential of our greatest asset – OUR EMPLOYEES.

Vision Statement 

To have North Carolina state government recognized as an "Employer of Choice" and be reflective of the diversity and talent of our state.


OSHR values start with ensuring CLARITY:

C - Creativity: Be curious and seek creative solutions

L - Leadership: Lead by example by taking initiative

A - Accountability: Hold yourself and others accountable

R - Reliability: Close the loop

I - Inclusion: Create a diverse and inclusive culture

T - Teamwork: Collaborate with others

Y - Yes Mindset: Be positive, proactive, and continuously improve


2023-2025 Goals 

  • Embrace (recruit and retain) a workforce that reflects the state's diversity.
  • Support a workforce of the future.
  • Modernize Human Resources systems.