Policies Disclaimer

The policies and procedures on this site may not apply to all employees due to provisions of state law. In the event that there is a conflict between the contents of this site and a state or federal statute, the statute shall control.

These policies and procedures are not held out to any state employee as part of a contractual agreement; the legal relationship between the state as an employer and the state employee is controlled by Chapter 126 of the North Carolina General Statutes. Because Chapter 126 sets out several distinct groups of employees, it is not feasible to specifically set forth every exception to policy required by Chapter 126. Thus, for ease of administration, these polices are written as if it applied to all state employees; in actuality, a number of policies and procedures do not apply to certain groups of employees due to requirements of Chapter 126.

Questions concerning applicability should be addressed to agency or university Human Resources staff. The Office of State Human Resources will make every effort to update this site as soon as a policy is changed by the State Human Resources Commission. However, there may be some lag time so please check with your Human Resources office to insure that you are dealing with the most recent policy before making any actions based on this site.