Employee Statistics

Statistics Overview

North Carolina is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer. Each month we compile data to ensure we keep true to that designation. Here you can see details for the current month's employee statistics as well as historical data.

Disclaimer on changes to definitions: Starting in January 2024, for consistency with statewide reporting, the employee population has been divided into two groups: Agencies and Universities. The Agency data set includes both EHRA and SHRA employees and positions while the University data only includes SHRA. 

Data Inclusion and Exclusion: This data set includes all SHRA permanent University and State Agency employees excluding Judicial Branch, General Assembly and School of Math & Science. Temporary employees, students, contractors are also excluded. (For data on excluded categories, please contact those entities directly.)

Subject to Human Resource Act (SHRA) employees refers to employees who are covered by the employment terms and conditions of the State Human Resources Act.

Average Age: This includes only permanent SHRA State Agency employees; University data does not list an employee’s specific age.