State Employees Receive Awards for Reaching Career Milestones

Raleigh, NC


Ten state employees were honored with the Richard Caswell Awards yesterday, an award presented to state employees who have contributed 45-years of service to the State of North Carolina and its people.

 “We are very fortunate to have such loyal and dedicated employees working to strengthen the State of North Carolina,” said Paula Woodhouse, Interim Director of the Office of State Human Resources. “They’ve dedicated their careers to public service and it is fitting that we recognize them for their many and continuing contributions.”

The award program, administered by the Office of State Human Resources, was established in 1998 to acknowledge and express appreciation for noteworthy, extended and dedicated service to state government.

Among the honorees are two Deputy Clerks, an Attorney, a Nurse, a Health Physicist, three Processing Assistants, a Receptionist and a Parole Commission Member.

The ceremony was held inside the State Capitol, followed by a reception in the Rotunda.

Caswell Awards Recipients

Department of Health and Human Services

William Johnson, Health Physicist II

Andrea Morgan, Processing Assistant IV

Frances Nichols, Professional Nurse


Department of Insurance

Francis Di Pasquantonio, Attorney IV


Department of Labor

Shelby Stephenson, Receptionist


Department of Public Safety

Willis Fowler, Parole Commission Member

Sarah Wilder, Processing Assistant IV


Department of Transportation

Faye McCullen, Processing Assistant V


Judicial Branch

Shirley Brooks, Deputy Clerk

Patsy Jordan, Deputy Clerk