Diversity Features

Diversity Features

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North Carolina Community Colleges System Office

The North Carolina Community Colleges System Office is striving to create a sense of belonging for all employees.  We make every effort to recognize all communities within the System Office and the community at large.  We actively celebrate all ethnicities, as well as military and LGBTQIA+ communities.  We celebrate and highlight our employees to foster an inclusive and respectful work community.  In addition, we are seeking to create and maintain a diverse workforce through our engagement and recruitment efforts.  

From the left:  Magnolia Lugo - HR Director, Paul Makowski - HR Consultant, Veronica Watson - Assistant HR Director

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NC Department of Labor

The NCDOL is committed to fostering a safe, healthy, fair and productive North Carolina.  This starts with keeping DE&I at the forefront of all our practices from recruiting, training and development, managing performance, and more.  We know that we must recruit, build, and equip the most qualified staff from various backgrounds with diverse perspectives, then allow them to develop further and advance while continuing to provide a fair and inclusive environment.  We believe our mission is carried out most effectively when we value our most important resource, which is our NCDOL workforce. 

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Top Photo, Left to Right: Darolyn Sutton, Administrative Specialist and Angela Hamilton, EEO Officer.  Bottom Photo, Left to Right: Beth Benson, Assistant HR Director, Crystal Williams, HR Generalist, Kyla Virden, Administrative Specialist, and Stacey Thompson, HR Consultant

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10 individuals hold sign stating "Diversity Champions. NC Education Lottery"

North Carolina Education Lottery

The Lottery is committed to the principles of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.  We strive to incorporate these values into every aspect of our business, including our work with employees, players and vendors.  We firmly believe our organization, its products, and suppliers should reflect the people that we serve—the citizens of North Carolina.  Our Diversity Champions who represent every department at the Lottery are tasked with identifying opportunities to expand our reach to diverse suppliers.  This group also provides input on employee diversity initiatives.

Pictured left to right:

Dr. Cheryl Sutton, Director of Supplier Diversity and Outreach. Leigh Warren, Corp. Social Resp Manager. Tabitha Powell,  Scratch-off Games Coordinator. Nouni Wise, Digital Project Manager. Damen Harris, Director of MIS. Joe Norman, Director of Gaming Systems. Jorge Alfonso, Information Security Manager. Susan Singley,  Director of Advertising. Liz Buono, Administrative Operations Manager. Jennifer James, Talent Acquisition & Development Manager.

Not pictured: 

Bobby Dawson, Corporate Accounts Manager. Sharon Jacobs,  Internal Audit Assistant. Kimberlee Petersen, Retail Accountant. David Wright, Computing Services Technician I. Hayden Bauguess, Director of Government Affairs. 

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At North Carolina Central University (NCCU), our Department of Diversity, the Office of Human Resources, and Employee Relations & Equal Employment Opportunity Office collectively embrace diversity as the recognition and celebration of the rich tapestry of backgrounds, experiences and perspectives that our staff, faculty and students bring to our institution.

It means fostering an inclusive environment where every individual – regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic background or other characteristic – feels valued and empowered. Our HR – ER and EEO Office is committed to promoting equity, providing equal opportunities and creating a vibrant, inclusive campus community that reflects the strength of diversity in higher education.

Pictured from left to right:

Maggy Sivansay – Human Resources Consultant, Employee Relations & Equal Employment Opportunity 

Delores Harris - Director, Employee Relations & Equal Employment Opportunity

Emily Guzman, Director of Diversity and Inclusion

James Staton – Human Resources Consultant, Employee Relations & Equal Employment Opportunity

Michael Hill – Chief Human Resources Officer

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NC Department of Justice

They believe that they best serve a diverse public and produce their best work with a workforce comprised of people with different backgrounds. This is achieved through

 fair hiring practices, outreach to underrepresented groups, and ongoing training initiatives.  Diversity and Inclusion are not just buzzwords; it is a fundamental value that guides NCDOJ.

Committee Members:  Adrina Bass, Frances Beckman, Francisco Benzoni, Kristen Bierline, Tonya Bowlding, Kayla Britt, Dilcy Burton, Kelly Chambers, Leslie Cooley Dismukes, Jessica Coudriet, William Flowers, Ramona Higgins, Sharon Hinton, Kristopher Joyce, Jasmine McGhee, Brenda Menard, Tracy Nayer, Amalia Restucha, Lisa Sasser, Todd Self,  Nicole Smith, Jennifer Sugar, Amanda Thompson,  Dawn Thornton,  Melissa Walker, Julynn Washington, Tin Wong.

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The Department of Health and Human Services 

The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) intentionally promotes an inclusive, equitable workplace that reflects the communities we serve, where everyone feels a sense of belonging, and our diverse backgrounds and experiences are valued and recognized as strengths.

We also explore data surrounding hiring, separations, and disciplinary actions. We intentionally disaggregate existing data and utilize EEO data to explore trends and other factors impacting hiring among various demographics in our workforce. Our steadfast efforts ensure we have the most diverse staff.

Left to Right: EEO Investigator Linda Washington, Deputy Secretary Angela Bryant and EEO Director Darnell Thoms. 

Not Pictured: DEI Director Dr. Bryle Henderson Hatch, Chief DEI Officer Jessica Springs. 

Photo Credit: Benjamin Thoms                 

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Elizabeth City State University

The ECSU EEO/DEI team prioritizes diversity and inclusion principles by embracing the unique identities of our campus' faculty, staff and students with an open mind and willingness to cultivate understanding and belonging. Through professional development and training opportunities, heritage and cultural recognition and outreach, and equitable policy development and enforcement, we deliver on our strategic priorities of building an inclusive campus community where diverse viewpoints, experiences, and backgrounds are welcomed and respected.

Left to Right: Paula Gassaway, Human Resources Consultant, Tiffany Hinton, Assistant Vice Chancellor/Chief Diversity Officer, Beverly Bowe-Barnett, Human Resources Specialist, Shamica Lane, Assistant Vice Chancellor / Chief Human Resources Officer, Regina Ferebee, Human Resources Specialist, Deneal Banks, Human Resource Specialist, Tamisha James-Goff, Human Resources Specialist.

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Department of Revenue

At NCDOR, we engaged in purposeful introspection about our own Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) efforts and conversations about our role as public servants. We are committed to prioritizing the work of engagement, equity, diversity, and inclusion across our organization. We understand that this work is ongoing and takes time, and we remain committed to making a positive impact on our culture and communities. In order to make meaningful change, DEI must be threaded into the fabric of everything we do.  

Pictured from left to right: Tanya Dearmon, DEI Analyst; Angelina Harvey, DEI Managing Partner; Harlan Frye, HR Director; Eileen Sinclair, DEI Administrator; Cheryl Benedetto, DEI Managing Partner, and Linda Coleman, DEI Agency Strategist. Not pictured is JoAnne Johnson, DEI Data Analyst

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UNC Charlotte

UNC Charlotte’s practice of inclusive excellence is inseparable from the University's mission and vision. It is essential for us as an office to work alongside our peers to ensure that each member of our community has the full opportunity to access and thrive on campus. Regardless of how a person self-identifies or what they believe, UNC Charlotte’s common ground will always be a shared belief in humanity, care, and dignity for all.

Pictured from left to right: Nikki Kawalec, Executive Assistant; Tehia Glass, Professor and Executive Fellow for Faculty Development; Kerrie Stewart, Social Research Specialist; Brandon L. Wolfe, Chief Diversity Officer; Erika Shelton, Summer Graduate Intern; Kendra Jason, Executive Fellow of Strategic Initiatives

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NCDOT’s Office of Civil Rights

EEO strives to ensure no disparate treatment, impact, or adverse actions while monitoring efforts to reach parity of females and minorities.  OCR’s primary focus is Diversity throughout NCDOT and is involved in many DE&I efforts such as The Allyship Collective which partners with diverse communities to bridge resources and community support, and The Emerging Talent Program, an HR / OCR initiative aimed at increasing workforce talent in the transportation industry.

Pictured: Seated: Right to left: Bentley Simms (EEO), Elizabeth Wilson (EEO), Leslie Arias (OCR) / Standing: Right to left Benny Sloan (OCR), Bridgette Jenkins (OCR), Juan Conde (OCR), Charlotte McKenzie-Hunter (OCR), Tunya Smith (OCR Director), Nicole Ingram (EEO), Irene Diaz-Clark (OCR), Jorgelia Nino (OCR), Tim Moore (OCR), Mark Whisenant (EEO/OCR)Not pictured: Jacquay Bland (EEO), Dr. Ayanna Wallace (OCR), Ashley Council (OCR), Garrick Witherspoon (OCR), Valisha Wallace (OCR), Darlene Harris (OCR), Pandora Broadwater (OCR), Elizabeth Cruz (OCR), Latega Powell (OCR), Lisa Wilson (OCR), Laura Jimenez (OCR), Reginald McNeill (OCR), Tonya Marriott (OCR Dep. Director), Ebony Pittman (Deputy Sec. for Business Administration)

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Office of State Budget and Management (OSBM)

The new HR Director for the Office of State Budget and Management (OSBM), Patty Garcia, believes D&I is important to engaging employees by ensuring our staff feels included, heard, respected, and valued.  She joined a dynamic organization developing its D&I workforce with innovation, excellence, and teamwork.  OSBM celebrates individual and collective differences and strengths, and treats all staff with respect, dignity and professionalism. OSBM has an active Diversity and Cultural Awareness Committee leading education and annual celebrations including the Lunar New Year, Diwali and Juneteenth.

Back Row (left to right): Grace Hardwick, Nicolas Norboge, Brea Bennett-Bell, Ben Agsten, Hallee Haygood, Rachel Stallings,

Patty Garcia, Veronica Patterson, Christopher Soto, Izzi Hernandez-Cruz, Cole Justad, Lanier McRee

Middle Row (left to right): Candace Rheaume, Mike Arnold (COO), Tim Griffith, Megan Bartee, Barbara Baldwin,

Kristin Walker (Director), Anca Grozav (Chief Deputy Director), Jenni Owen, Shoua Loa, Peter Kane, Marcia Evans, Mei Ingram

Front Row (left to right):  Cole Jordan, Keegan Huynh, Ruth Wygle, Jessica Robinson, Melissa Roark, Jack Gagnon, Brian Farmer

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NC Department of Environmental Quality

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee supports DEQ’s vision of cultivating a work environment in which all individuals are respected and valued.  The agency strives to be transparent and accountable, to seek equitable outcomes through inclusive processes, and to lead with personal and professional integrity. There is a collective responsibility to foster a culture of respect, fairness, and inclusion for all DEQ employees and for the North Carolina communities served.

(From the left):  Sam Mellott, Lisa Tolley, Andria Knight, Melissa Joyner, Carolina Fonseca Jimenez, Linwood Peele, Steven Rice, Christy Simmons Not pictured:  Miguel Alvalle, Aditi Chakravarty

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University of North Carolina School of the Arts

At UNCSA, this team strives to create a safe environment, one that allows people from all walks of life to thrive. Doing so demands that staff commit to an explicit and continual process of identifying and dismantling systems and practices of bias, exclusion, and oppression. Education and art-making can be transformational forces for change and UNCSA is working so that change leads toward justice.

Front row, from the left:

Tracey Ford, Vice Provost and Dean of Student Affairs; Lissy Garrison, Vice Chancellor for Advancement; Patrick Sims, Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost, Brian Cole, Chancellor; Karen Beres, Vice Provost and Dean of Academic Affairs; Wendy Emerson, Interim Vice Chancellor for Finance & Administration; Jim DeCristo, Vice Chancellor for Economic Development, Chief of Staff

Back row:

Claire Machamer, Vice Chancellor for Strategic Communications; Kemora Brownlee, Leave Administrator; Tasha Myers, Director of Intercultural Engagement; Aretha Sutton, Talent Solutions Manager

Not Pictured:

Angela Mahoney, Associate Vice Chancellor and Chief Human Resources Officer; Camilla Norris, Employee Relations Manager; Susan Porter, HRIS Manager; and Cappi Shelton, Temporary Employment Specialist, and Office Manager

Photo Credit: 

Kathryn McMillan, Assistant Vice Provost for Strategic Planning & Operations

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The University of North Carolina at Pembroke

UNCP has a history of being an agent for social change, equity and inclusion. Our team of EEO/DEI professionals is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion. We believe diversity grounds intellectual pursuits and provides opportunities for discovery and strategies to integrate all individuals and groups into the larger community, respecting and valuing their uniqueness while simultaneously advancing the University's historical tradition. We prepare students for life and leadership within a diverse society and to change the lives of our constituents.



Front row, from the left: Kelley Koch, HR Specialist; Angela Revels, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Human Resources; Rhonda Locklear, Human Resources Manager, Donna Strickland, Deputy Chief HR Officer, Kasey Jones, HR Specialist

Back row: Sheila Hardee, HR Consultant; Sarah Hunt, HR Specialist; Becky Thompson, HR Consultant, Joanne McMillan, HR Consultant; Dr. Nicolette Campos, Director of Employee Relations and Workforce Development; Nicole Snipes, HR Consultant

Not pictured: Paula Peterson-Campbell, HR Specialist; Debbie Chaves, Technology Support Analyst - HRIS Manager

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Group of 10 people stand in line. All in black shirts with NCDOA logo on the front.

NC Department of Administration

The NC Department of Administration values diversity, equity and inclusion as a top priority. Through the re-establishment of the Andrea Harris Social, Economic, Environmental and Health Equity Task Force, the Department will continue its initiative to address disparities in communities of color while working to build and strengthen relationships between community leaders and state employees. DOA offers educational programming, virtual Lunch and Learns for business groups and plans to establish more Employee Resource Groups to join its existing Veterans and Emerging Professionals groups. Prioritizing belonging, respect and integrity, DOA continues its advocacy for equity and inclusion in North Carolina.


Pictured (from the left):

Samanta Noyola, Comfort Johnson, Beth Carpenter, Donya Strong, Haley Pfieffer-Haynes, David Elliot, Mark Edwards, Gianna Quilici, Evin Grant, Jordan Hanna

Not pictured: Lauren Scott

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NC Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services

At the NC Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services, they cultivate! True to their mission to cultivate excellence in agriculture, agribusiness, consumer protection, and conservation, Agriculture’s HR team is planting seeds for an awesome workplace! Led by HR Director Sylvia Crumpler and Deputy HR Director Cashaunda Holman, EEO/Employee Relations Manager Dawn Godwin’s and HR Consultant Terry Bell’s mission is to cultivate diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging through the development of processes, programs, and training that nurture DEIB. 

Pictured (from the left):

Cashaunda Holman, Dawn Godwin, Terry Bell

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NC Department of Commerce

The NC Department of Commerce maintains Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) as a top organizational priority. Secretary Sanders established the DEI Office, the first such office to exist in the Department’s history, and hired its first Chief DEI Officer to lead Commerce in viewing everything through an equity lens to dismantle barriers and expand quality job and business opportunities for all North Carolinians. The team is laser-focused on embedding DEI and environmental justice in all that it does!

Pictured (from the left): 

Teiari Matthews - DEI Intern, Lorraine Dulin - EEO/DEI Officer, Betty Marrow-Taylor - Chief Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Officer, Mose Dorsey - WIOA EO/DEI Officer, and Catherine Rivera - DEI Program Analyst

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10 individuals stand on the steps in front of the UNCG Alumni House

The University of North Carolina at Greensboro

The University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG) relies on an inclusive excellence approach to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) that is decentralized, collaborative and relies on multi-tiered formal and informal leadership and change agents. UNCG has a variety of unit and departmental committees, campus contributors/advisors and affinity groups that work to promote racial equity and DEIB. Their call to action is to be a university where DEIB is not only what they say but what they do and who they are.


Front Row: Tina Vires, Sarah Daynes, Brianna Welsh and Megan Walters.

Second Row: Gerald Holmes, Augusto “Gus” Pena, Anthony Taylor, Elliott Kimball, Patricia M. Lynch and Andrea Hunter.

Not Pictured:

Jeanne Madorin, Jerry Blakemore, Kristen Bonatz, Toni Douglas, Murphie Chappell, Megan Karbley, Matthew Bryant, Julia Mendez Smith, Steisha Pintado, Brett Carter, Adrienne Craig, Grace Leo, Briana Lanier, Kiyar Lies, Noida Mena, Kisha Carmicheal, Kristina Gage, Katelyn Bodwell, Nicole Hall, Michael Clinton, George Still, Brad Johnson, Jolie Helton and Suzanne Dellinger.

Photo Credit: 

David Row

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Group photo of staff from the North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University

North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University

At NC A&T State University, they celebrate and honor DEIB on a daily basis. The blending of student and employee identities supports our desire for inclusiveness for all. The Director of Employee Relations/Affirmative Action Officer upholds these practices in collaboration with the Executive Diversity and Inclusion Officer, and other internal key partners in the Division of Human Resources focusing on employment-related functions, advocacy, engagement, training, and education. They are working together with the campus to create a sense of belonging that ensures everyone has the opportunity to be authentic and fulfilled. 


Front Row: Samuel Richards (Director of Academic Affairs for HR), Veronica Sills (CHRO), Marcie Rowdy (Benefits Manager), Linda Mangum (Director of Employee Relations/AAO), Jeanette Foulks (Benefits), Cynthia Reed (Employee Relations), Maurice Warren (HRIS Manager).

Second Row: Michael Terrell (Employee Relations), Ebony Pritchard (CLOE), Tia Uitenham (HRIS), Heather White (Administration), Rebecca Borders (Class and Comp), Penny Smith (Talent Solutions), Del Ruff (Executive Director DEIB).

Third Row: David Leonard (Director of CLOE), Natalie Jacobs (Temporary Talent Manager), Janet Carlson (CLOE), Shretha Arrington (Leave Administrator), Lynn Farrar (Talent Solutions), Montria SimrelWright (Academic Affairs HR), Juanita King (Benefits), Lonnie Crotts (Class and Comp).

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group photo from NC State University Office for Institutional Equity and Diversity

NC State University – Office for Institutional Equity and Diversity

Their team celebrates DEIB every day through the narratives they elevate, the education they deliver, and the support and advocacy they provide. They maximize the collective intersections they hold while simultaneously affirming them as vital, necessary and celebrated! They are a team of organizers, allies, and educators that takes great pride in striving to ensure that their constituents recognize their own contribution to the beautiful community that makes NC State University extraordinary!


Front row, left to rightHayley Gallagher, Business Officer; Melvin "Jai" Jackson, Assistant Vice Provost for Faculty Engagement; Sheri Schwab, Vice Provost and Chief Diversity Officer; Stephanie Helms Pickett, Associate Vice Provost for Inclusive Excellence and Strategic Practice; David Elrod, Associate Vice Provost for Equal Opportunity and Equity. 

Second Row: Jacqueline Perry, Communications Director, Lisa LaBarbera-Mascote, Senior Director of Campus Community Centers; Janine Kossen, Director of the Women's Center; Melissa Edwards Smith, Director of Community Engagement and Outreach; Dave Johnson, Director of Multicultural Student Affairs. 

Third Row Alisha Foster, Executive Assistant; angela gay-audre, Director of the African American Cultural Center.

Diversity Features

As part of our effort to recognize those who celebrate diversity throughout the year, OSHR will periodically feature a university’s or agency’s Diversity and Inclusion Team or Department with their statement on how they collectively honor diversity.