Diversity Features

As part of our effort to recognize those who celebrate diversity throughout the year, OSHR will periodically feature a university’s or agency’s Diversity and Inclusion Team or Department with their statement on how they collectively honor diversity.

The University of North Carolina at Pembroke

UNCP has a history of being an agent for social change, equity and inclusion. Our team of EEO/DEI professionals is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion. We believe diversity grounds intellectual pursuits and provides opportunities for discovery and strategies to integrate all individuals and groups into the larger community, respecting and valuing their uniqueness while simultaneously advancing the University's historical tradition. We prepare students for life and leadership within a diverse society and to change the lives of our constituents.


Front row, from the left: Kelley Koch, HR Specialist; Angela Revels, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Human Resources; Rhonda Locklear, Human Resources Manager, Donna Strickland, Deputy Chief HR Officer, Kasey Jones, HR Specialist

Back row: Sheila Hardee, HR Consultant; Sarah Hunt, HR Specialist; Becky Thompson, HR Consultant, Joanne McMillan, HR Consultant; Dr. Nicolette Campos, Director of Employee Relations and Workforce Development; Nicole Snipes, HR Consultant

Not pictured: Paula Peterson-Campbell, HR Specialist; Debbie Chaves, Technology Support Analyst - HRIS Manager

Past Diversity Features