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If a settlement/mediation agreement involves an award of back pay for a specific period of time, the agency/university must submit a PD-14, “Statement of Back Pay/Front Pay” to the OSHR Employee Relations Division.

This questionnaire aims to gather the experiences of the grievant during the mediation process. 

This form that can be used to conduct and certify hazard assessments in the workplace.

The purpose of the State of North Carolina’s Incident Investigation and Reporting Program is to provide reporting requirements, investigation techniques, documentation, and training to ensure the effective investigation of all incidents and near hits. An effective investigation identifies root causes and develops corrective actions to prevent future occurrences. This program provides tools to track incidents and near hits, looks for trends, and shares information to develop injury prevention programs.

This cover sheet should be used to send all documents to OSHR's Grievance office.

This document is used to outline the terms of the mediation agreement.

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