This form that can be used to conduct and certify hazard assessments in the workplace.

This policy assists in the protection of state employees and assets located within state government buildings. It is designed to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing state agency buildings and to account for those persons authorized to be on the premises in case of emergency.

Safety and security within state government office buildings and facilities can only be maintained if all employees and visitors are properly identified via an ID badge designating them as an employee or visitor.

The Statewide Safety and Health Steering Committee created this document to address the unrestricted use of space heaters in facilities that house state workers.

This policy provides the program requirements as set forth in Article 63 of Chapter 143 and Chapter 126-4 (10) of the General Statues which require agencies to have written safety programs and safety and health committees.

The purpose of this policy is to establish that the State of North Carolina prohibits in any form unlawful workplace harassment or retaliation based on opposition to unlawful workplace harassment of State employees or applicants and to require that every agency shall develop strategies to ensure that work sites are free from unlawful workplace harassment, including sexual harassment discrimination and retaliation.

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