This policy provides guidelines for redeployment due to an enterprise-wide project and no break in service.

The Reinstatement Policy provides guidelines for the reinstatement of employees.

This policy outlines the guidelines for Retention Salary Adjustments that provide a last resort means to maintain employment of a key employee.

This document includes the Salary Administration Policy terms and definitions.

This policy outlines the guidelines for Salary Range Revision where changes in a salary range provide current and competitive salary rates for use in the recruitment of employees.

This policy provides guidelines for shift premium pay for employees regularly scheduled to work either an evening or night shift.

This policy outlines guidelines for sign-on bonuses when the legislature appropriates funds to be used for sign-on bonuses.

The policy is not intended to resolve all retention problems. Funds are available only from limited salary reserves of an agency or program and these funds must be managed to serve a variety of program necessities. Therefore, the implementation of special salary adjustments is limited to the most critical retention issues.

This policy includes guidelines for supplemental salary compensation to employees.

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