Accident Plan

Arm in sling

The Accident Plan through Voya will be available starting 1/1/2018.

  • For most accidents it should fill the gap and cover most of the State Health Plan out-of-pocket cost you would incur
  • Pays out a benefit directly to you for specific injuries and events resulting from a covered accident (click plan information below)
  • Coverage available for you, your children, and your spouse
  • Includes a Sports rider that has an additional payout
  • This plan is portable at the same rate you would pay as an employee.



Accident Plan Contact Information

Customer Service 1-877-464-5111
9 a.m. – 6 p.m. (EST) Monday – Friday
Mailing Address LifeHelp
P.O. Box 492517
Redding, CA 96049
EOI Forms Mailing Address ReliaStar Life Insurance Co.
P.O. Box 20
Mail Stop 4-S
Minneapolis, MN 55440
Claim Fax Number 1-612-467-8721

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