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LMS Coordinator
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Phone Number

Administrative Office of the Courts

Steven, Caban

(919) 890-1271

Department of Insurance

Stutzman, Danny


Banking Commission

Toler, Jenny

(919) 733-7768

Department of Administration

Trantham, Althea

(919) 807-2481

Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services

Sandford, Tara

(919) 707-3207

Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services

Bell, Terry

(919) 707-3206

Department of Commerce

Werle Lee, Karen Patrice

(919) 814-4625

Department of Environmental Quality

Garland, Shawn

(919) 707-8317

Department of Health and Human Services

DHHS LMS Support

Department of Information Technology

Putney Deanna
Colston, Helena

(919) 754-6383

Department of Insurance

Dail, Beth

(919) 807-6048

Department of Justice

Joyce, Kristopher Michael

(919) 716-6494

Department of Labor

Harris, Terri Rochelle

(919) 707-3205

Department of Natural & Cultural Resources

Turner, John P.

(919) 807-7458

Department of Public Instruction

Oberhausen, Steven

(919) 807-3368

Department of Public Safety

Lacey, Katrina

(919) 589-5425

Department of Public Safety

Weston, James

(919) 457-1235

Department of Revenue

Barbee, Annis


Department of State Treasurer

Lynch, Lane

(919) 861-3541

Department of Transportation

Wright, Daphne

(919) 707-4450

North Carolina Community College System

Hazell, Shakeyia

(919) 807-6972

Office of Administrative Hearings

Hariston, Angeline

(919) 431-3011

Office of Military and Veteran's Affairs

Shukla, Veda

(919) 855-3483

Office of the Governor

Karen Cheek, Karen

(919) 807-4808

Office of State Budget Management

Sincebaugh, Melissa

(919) 814-1565

Office of State Human Resources

Shukla, Veda

(919) 855-3483

Office of the Secretary of State

Reader, Margaret Clark

(919) 814-5330

Office of the State Auditor

McLaughlin, Leanne M

(919) 807-7537

Office of the State Controller

Schnell, Mollie

(919) 807-0483

Wildlife Resources Commission

Coley, Marcia

(919) 707-0105