State Agency Recruitment Staff Directory

Welcome to the Higher Education to NC Government (Ed2NC) State Agency Recruitment Directory, a resource of career-relevant information to assist North Carolina state agency recruiters, North Carolina's 110 institutions of higher education and job seekers.

How to use the directory: 
The primary purpose of this directory is for North Carolina career services professionals to identify and connect with North Carolina state agency recruitment staff and leverage this partnership to connect job seekers to state government opportunities. 

Career seekers may also use this directory and additional resources to learn more about North Carolina state agencies and types of careers, including entry-level positions. 

We invite you to use this directory to connect with North Carolina state agencies. Filter your search by selecting State Agency, Career Categories, or both, and then select Apply. 

Career Categories: A group of jobs involving work of a similar nature but requiring different skill and responsibility levels. Jobs within the state have been divided into twenty different categories. Use the career categories filter as a guide to connect potential job interests to a career with the state of North Carolina.

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