Celebrate Diversity Month 2023

Celebrate Diversity Month takes place each April. It was initiated in 2004 to recognize and honor the diversity of the world around us. It is a time to recognize and understand our differences, be it gender, race, ethnicity, faith, sexual orientation and other factors while honoring the common essence of humanity. By appreciating our similarities and differences, the month aims to encourage a deeper understanding of others, regardless of who they are or how they live. It’s also an opportunity to increase diversity in the workplace and various academic fields. Diversity Month pushes us to seek this knowledge so that we can build a tolerant world that welcomes everyone, regardless of who they are or where they come from. — Source: National Today.

Join OSHR as we celebrate diversity this month and throughout the year!


To learn about the History of Celebrate Diversity Month and view a list of scholarships that celebrate racial and cultural backgrounds visit National Today and Scholaroo.

15 Ways You Can Celebrate Diversity

  • Talk to someone from a different culture about the customs, traditions, values, and practices they observe—and share yours with them.

  • Ask colleagues to share examples of music, food, and traditions from their culture or heritage during your next meeting.

  • Watch a movie or documentary that explores different cultures, topics, and lifestyles and offers a glimpse of life through a multicultural lens. Consider hosting a multicultural movie night with family and friends.

  • Read a book about a culture that is not your own or by a writer of an ethnicity different from yours. Need suggestions? Try these: 14 of the Best Books for Exploring New Countries and Cultures; 7 Novels About Multicultural Families; 25 Must-Read Books by Asian and Asian American Authors

  • Check out a cultural art exhibit, performance, or activity at your area's cultural or heritage center.  Amp it up by making it a family outing! Consider these: Museum of the Cherokee Indian; Jewish Heritage North Carolina; Hayti Heritage Center

  • Take a virtual tour of a museum. The NC Museum of History is a great place to start. Consider their YouTube channel that features adult programs, videos from the African American Cultural Celebration, American Indian Heritage Celebration, and much more.

  • Visit art museums around the world. Here are 12 famous museums you can visit virtually.

  • Visit Google Art and Culture to explore the art of the world.

  • Explore local ethnic restaurants and markets to sample food from a different culture or…

  • Cook! Step into the kitchen to try a recipe from a culture you are exploring. Invite friends or family to do the same and make it a global potluck.

  • Take an online course on a topic related to diversity. There are many options, including brief micro-courses, available through the NC Learning Center.

  • Listen to music from around the world.  Start here: Best Music Streaming Service for 2022

  • Support diverse businesses, especially those that have been impacted by the pandemic. 

  • Learn a new language—or perhaps a few friendly phrases--via an app! Best language learning apps for 2022

  • Financially support, volunteer at, or arrange a volunteer event for a nonprofit organization that works to lessen multicultural issues or supports disadvantaged ethnic communities. Visit VolunteerNC or Great Nonprofits to get started.

Diversity Features

OSHR highlights universities' or agencies’ Diversity and Inclusion Team or Department in order to spread awareness for their efforts and show how organizations can honor diversity all year long. Visit Diversity Features to see who we celebrate next!