Miles for Wellness Challenge 26

View from standing on a football field, looking up at the stands in the distance, with miles for wellness challenge 26 written across the picture

Miles for Wellness Challenge 26: Brilliant Venues of the National Football League (NFL) begins on September 26, 2022.  We will be visiting 20 NFL stadiums across the United States for a total of 9,000 miles.  The first stadium we visit will be Bank of America Stadium in our very own state!  It is on 33 acres in uptown Charlotte and seats an amazing 74,867 people.  There are so many interesting facts about each of the 19 stadiums we will strive to virtually visit this fall.  

Registration will run through September 26, 2022.  This program is designed to help encourage employees of all fitness levels to stay active and connect online with teammates while completing a virtual trek and learning facts about each stadium we visit.  

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