General Statement

Equal Employment Opportunity is concerned with ensuring equal employment opportunity for all qualified individuals without regard to race, color, sex, national origin, age, genetic information, disability, or religion. Personnel data analysis is used in order to monitor the State's progress in providing equal employment opportunity. Data on a variety of personnel functions including hiring, promotion, representation, compensation, grievance, and discipline is collected and analyzed. Equity Analysis is specialized research projects that are designed to explore negative data trends and determine necessary policy adjustments, innovative initiatives, and/or programs that can address those trends.

Data is collected and analyzed to determine how well State Government is meeting its EEO goals and objectives. There are a number of data reports that are produced in the division.

EEO Reports

EEO reports are generated to provide a snapshot of the status of EEO in state government. There are three reports that are mandated. One by the Federal government and two by the NC Legislature.

The EEO-4 is mandated by the Federal Government. It has to be submitted to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission every two years.

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