HR Professionals

The severe economic situation has impacted many facets of state government including employment. Providing information and guidance to managers/supervisors as they face challenging decisions regarding potential reduction in force situations is critical. Just as critical is the avenue providing assistance and direction to employees affected by a reduction in force and those employees that remain in the workforce. As HR Professionals, we have a responsibility to serve all these groups.

The knowledge and resources on the HR Professionals page are designed to address these crucial decisions. This page includes information on Statutes/Administrative Code Provisions, Benefits, a RIF Toolkit, Key RIF Issues, McLaughlin Young Employee Assistance Program (EAP), and FAQs. If you have additional questions about the RIF process or resources, please contact the Office of State Human Resources at 919-807-4800.

Please note: HB 834, signed into law by the Governor on August 21, 2013, made changes to the state’s Reduction In Force Priority policy. Key changes are that the priority given to the employee whose position has been reduced is satisfied (and terminated) when the employee accepts (or refuses) an offered position at the same or higher salary grade/salary grade equivalency or the same or higher salary rate as that of the position held by the employee at the time of official notification of reduction in force. Priority is also satisfied (and terminated) at the completion of the 12-month priority period.