Leading at All Levels

Leadership, a process of proactively influencing others, is necessary at every level of the organization for health, effective, and efficient work environments. The Leading at All Levels (LAAL) Program is a comprehensive leadership training program designed to provide learning opportunities for employees at all levels of state government.

Accordingly, LAAL spans four levels:

  1. Executive
  2. Middle Manager
  3. Frontline Supervisor
  4. Individual Contributor

Three of the levels (Manager, Supervisor, and Individual Contributor) have their own curriculum. Each curriculum centers on the development of key actions and behaviors to demonstrate effectiveness in the following competency areas:

  • Integrity
  • Leading People/Teamwork
  • Managing Work
  • Creating a Learning Climate
  • Change Leadership
  • Technical/Professional Knowledge
  • Customer Service

Each curriculum also features a Foundations course which addresses essential skills for employee and organizational success. While it is recommended that participants first complete these Foundations courses, they are not required to do so. These courses are free, and are offered through OSHR as well as within agencies and departments across NC state government.

You may review courses for each of the three levels by accessing the NC Learning Center.