NC Learning Center

Training For Employees and Individual Contributors

As employees of the State of North Carolina, there are numerous opportunities for you to actively participate in learning and development. The Talent Management Division offers multiple courses that are beneficial for the vast majority of state employees. Many of our courses are not only delivered at the Learning and Development Center in Raleigh, but also at sites across the state and online through the NC Learning Center (see access information below).

We encourage you to review the course catalogue in the NC Learning Center and identify which courses will help you continually grow and develop. Often these courses complement existing courses your agency or university offers. Please remember to make sure to talk with your manager as well as your training director to ensure you are aware of every learning and development opportunity that could help make you successful.

Accessing the NC Learning Center

Log into the NC Learning Center to view and register for OSHR learning opportunities. The Learning Center allows you to enroll in online courses offered through the State, and it allows you to track your progress and see a list of your past courses on a compiled transcript.

For current full-time employees of the Judicial Branch, Council of State, and Cabinet Agencies