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Hazard Recognition

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Safety is a top priority for the State of North Carolina. We care about our employees’ well-being, and we’re committed to creating a safe working environment for all state workers. The Office of State Human Resources encourages every state employee to be a Hazard Hero, by identifying and eliminating hazards in the workplace. By taking a proactive approach, employees can help prevent accidents and injuries from occurring and protect themselves and their co-workers. If an employee notices any unsafe condition:



The form will be reviewed for actions that can be taken to minimize or remove hazards.

Print a paper Hazard Hero form

Departments who want to order large quantities of color copies of the form should contact, Correction Enterprises, 919-716-3600,

Immediately notify your supervisor and safety committee representative of any known hazards, and complete the hazard report. Contact your Agency/University Safety and Health Leader and your Human Resource Director if you feel the need to process the complaint further. If you have followed your chain of command and the issue is not resolved in a reasonable time frame, don’t hesitate to call the safety hotline at 919-807-4800.

You can become a Hazard Hero! So, what is a Hazard Hero?

  • A Hazard Hero is an employee who in the face of danger and/or when observing a hazard, displays courage and the will to self-sacrifice their time by taking action to remove or protect against the hazard by reporting their findings to their supervisor.
  • Supervisors will work with their employees to find a solution to hazards that can’t be readily corrected by the employee.
  • The guiding principles behind this program are that employees can eliminate or minimize hazards.
  • Most incidents, near hits and injuries are preventable and this program gives YOU the tools to be that Hazard Hero! 
  • Be sure to have your supervisors email address so the reports will go directly to them.
  • This program was created by the Statewide Safety and Health Steering Committee members and is endorsed by the Governor’s Health and Safety Leadership Team.