Miles for Wellness Challenge 17

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One of my fondest childhood memories was camping on the Outer Banks of North Carolina in April, waking up to snow! What a wonderland! This spring, Miles for Wellness brought Challenge 17: An Outdoor Adventure Trail to state employees across North Carolina. This “virtual” trail took employees virtually from one beautiful scenic campground to another across our great country. Most stops provided a myriad of outdoor activities from hiking on mild to adventurous trails, to swimming in pristine waters, to boating, fishing, bird-watching, and of course, star-gazing at night!

Beginning at Cape Hatteras National Seashore, walkers followed a westward trail and virtually exited North Carolina after seeing the sites around Murphy, North Carolina, heading to Arizona, where some may have been tempted to stay virtually in a yurt overnight, before continuing the trek to Utah to see dinosaurs at Dinosaur National Monument! Speaking of mammoth sightings, employees were able to virtually see the giant redwoods in California or Yellowstone in Wyoming, where approximately half of all the world’s geysers can be found, some topping out between 300 and 400 feet! Then off to bird watch in North Dakota and Iowa, they saw the waterfalls in West Virginia, and rounding out the trip through Virginia and back to Falls Lake Recreational State Park, here in central North Carolina!

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Bionic Hare Division

1st Place:

Quads of Fury

North Carolina School of the Arts

Left to right, front row: Sheeler Lawson, Lisa McClinton, Erin Miller, Jeremy Grice, Nick Gawlik, Team Captain, Jamie Moore.

Back row: Sharon Fogarty, Natascha Romeo, Susan Mecum. 

Not pictured: Brandon Mitchell, Team High Stepper.

2nd Place:


North Carolina Emergency Management; NC Dept. of Public Safety

Left to right, front row: Wanda Lewis, Cori Pope, and Dawn Wedig.

Back row: Aaron Brown, Ryan Kenney, Paul Bjornsen, Team High Stepper, James Young, and Trey Cash.

Not pictured: Kevin Kasai, Team Captain, and Tommy Wendelgass

3rd Place: