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Miles for Wellness Challenge 18

Past Miles for Wellness challenges have taken participants on virtual hikes across our state to experience the splendor of natural marvels. Part of the statewide Move More initiative, Miles for Wellness Challenge 18 will take us indoors to enjoy entertaining exhibits at several museums.

Beginning on September 24 and continuing for eight weeks, Miles for Wellness Challenge 18: The Trail of Amusing Museums will highlight amusing and/or unusual aspects from one museum to the next.

We’ll start in downtown Raleigh at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences. After exploring the towering globe on West Jones Street, keep an eye out for Bigfoot as you head north toward the world’s only Cryptozoology Museum. Next, we’ll venture west for some musical and magical entertainment. Don’t be surprised if your heart rate quickens as you make stops to explore the unlawful and the mysterious.

If you get hungry along the way, know that the virtual trail leads right through two museums dedicated to food.

We’ll finish the trek with the most lighthearted museums of the bunch. Explore some unconventional art, and get a blast from the past at the final stop, Asheville’s Pinball Museum.

The entertaining Challenge 18 will show you some unforgettable places and sights across our great state. Registration continues through September 24th, get ready to lace up your walking shoes and join us!

Characteristics of a Team

  1. Any interested state employee can participate. For the purpose of this program only, if an employee is contributing to the State Retirement System, he/she is considered a state employee and eligible for this benefit offered through the Total Rewards Division of the NC Office of State Human Resources.
  2. Each team must have a captain.
  3. Teams are made of up to 10 state employees. Teams with 10 members are more likely to participate competitively then teams with less members.
  4. Team members from various government employers can be on the same team.
  5. Each team must have a team name specific to that team. Duplications of team names are not allowed.
  6. Each team will be classified throughout the competition in one of these four divisions; Tortoise, Hare, Super Hare, and/or Bionic Hare.
  7. Before starting the competition, team members are to sign the Liability Waiver Form and turning it into their team captain to keep throughout the challenge. This waiver must be signed anew for each challenge.
  8. Team members can accumulate steps through the use of a pedometer for walking, aerobics, and other activities of daily living, and exercise conversions for those activities that would not register on a pedometer; i.e., swimming, cycling, weight lifting, etc.
  9. Team members report their steps weekly to their team captain for recording purposes.

Trail Points of Interest