HR Learning Track

For Managers/Supervisors

Target Audience

Departmental agency managers and supervisors are the major points of contact when dealing with the everyday activities of employees. Whether appraising employee performance, interviewing, or scheduling, a manager or supervisor must consider both the situation and the people involved to determine the most appropriate approach to handling problems. Managers and supervisors are the individuals responsible for managing the "people-related" activities; they cannot be left to chance.


It is important for managers and supervisors in all agency departments to have knowledge and understanding of human resources management and how to handle and resolve employee issues appropriately and efficiently. The learning track for managers/supervisors is composed of nine subject areas specific to HR and based on the nine HR competencies identified by the Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM):

  • HR expertise
  • relationship management
  • consultation
  • leadership and navigation
  • communication
  • diversity and inclusion
  • ethical practice
  • critical evaluation
  • business acumen

Accessed through the NC Learning Center, this learning track serves as an online learning experience that also functions as a job aid, a quick HR reference, and a decision-making resource.