What is Temporary Solutions?

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Temporary Solutions is a program of the North Carolina Office of State Human Resources (OSHR). We provide state government agencies with a variety of services designed to fill temporary positions with highly qualified candidates and monitor agency compliance with temporary employment laws and policies.

Temporary Solutions provides the names of qualified candidates to agencies, processes payroll, withholds state and federal taxes, and verifies your employment eligibility. We also provide recruitment and onboarding services and ensure that eligible temporary workers are offered employer-provided health insurance.

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Job seekers may also send their resumes to our Recruitment Section at TSRecruit@nc.gov.  Our recruiters will store your resume and contact you if we find a temporary position that seems like a good fit.

 How Our Service Works

Temporary to Permanent*

Temporary employees gain valuable on-the-job experience that may help them qualify for permanent state government positions.  In 2021, almost 900 temporaries qualified for and were hired into permanent and time-limited positions within state government.

*There is no guarantee that any temporary position or assignment will become permanent.