Serving State Government Since 1986

Temporary Solutions has a long history of supporting North Carolina state government agencies with temporary staffing services. Established in 1986, Temporary Solutions has helped agencies recruit, place, onboard, and pay thousands of temporaries performing a variety of jobs everywhere from the mountains to the coast. We have heard from many current and retired state employees over the years saying, “I got my start with Temporary Solutions!”

Our Partners

All Cabinet agencies are required to use Temporary Solutions for temporary staffing if the work is not IT-related. Council of State agencies may use Temporary Solutions as well. G.S. 126-6.3(a)

The employing agency is the employer of record for temporaries employed through Temporary Solutions.

Becoming a Customer of Temporary Solutions

Any Division or program of a North Carolina state agency can become a Temporary Solutions customer. In fact, most are!

If your Division or program has never employed a temporary through Temporary Solutions or do not know if you are an agency customer, please reach out to us at or 984-236-1040. New customers will be asked to provide us with the name of your state agency, the name of your division or program, and the name and contact information for an account representative, typically a billing contact.

Recruitment Consultations

Before communicating the need for a temporary employee to Temporary Solutions, you may find you need a recruitment consultation. Our Recruitment Section can help you draft a brief job description, identify an appropriate state job classification, determine a pay range consistent with the rest of state government, and help you identify qualified candidates.

Recruitment consultations can be requested by emailing our Recruitment Section at Please include your name and contact information, as well as a brief description of what you need.

Temporary Solutions Payroll Deadlines Calendar

Also before communicating the need for a temporary employee to Temporary Solutions, we encourage our state agency customers to review the Temporary Solutions Payroll Deadlines Calendar. Temporary Solutions processes hundreds of job orders and employment actions each week. We also process bi-weekly payroll for over 4,000 temporaries every two weeks.

With this volume, it is important for us to maintain a schedule of deadlines for agencies to submit job orders and complete onboarding packets These deadlines correspond with the pay period that the agency would like their temporary to start working. Job orders and onboarding packets received by the deadlines on the Calendar will be given priority over those that are received after the deadlines.

Submitting a Job Order

State agency customers use our Job Order Portal to request a temporary employee. When completing a job order, the requestor will be asked to provide information about temporary position, the requested hourly rate, the requested start date, contact information for the supervisor, HR Representative, and Billing Contact, and, when available, the name and contact information for the recommended candidate. Job orders without a recommended candidate identified will be directed to our Recruitment Section for consultation.

Once a Job Order is Submitted

The person who submits a job order will receive an auto-generated confirmation email when the job order has been successfully received by Temporary Solutions. The job order is then automatically sent to the Placement Counselor assigned to your agency Division or program. Shortly after, your Placement Counselor will contact you to confirm job order details and kick off the onboarding process with your recommended candidate.

Payroll Onboarding

Your Placement Counselor will contact your recommended candidate to make a conditional offer of employment based on the information provided in the job order. This allows us to proceed with payroll onboarding. Temporary Solutions uses DocuSign to send a digital onboarding packet to the recommended candidate. The packet includes a helpful document explaining Temporary Solutions services. It also collects the candidate’s tax withholding, emergency contact, and Form I-9 information.

Once the candidate completes the payroll onboarding packet, it is automatically sent to the person identified on the job order as responsible for completing Section 2 of the Form I-9 on behalf of the employing agency. This person must schedule a meeting to physically inspect the candidate’s Form I-9 employment eligibility documents. Once the agency completes their payroll onboarding requirements, the packet is automatically sent back to the Placement Counselor via DocuSign.

Finalizing the Offer

Your Placement Counselor will review your candidate’s job application and onboarding packet to determine whether they fully qualify for employment. Sometimes the requested state job classification or requested hourly rate needs to be adjusted based on the candidate’s qualifications. The agency customer reviews details provided by the Placement Counselor and makes the final call regarding the classification, hourly rate, start date, and the location where the candidate will report to work. The Placement Counselor communicates this information to the candidate on behalf of the agency. If the candidate accepts, the Placement Counselor sends a confirmation email to the candidate and the employing work unit.

Entry into the Integrated HR-Payroll System

Temporary Solutions uses information provided in the job order and onboarding packet to enter the new or reinstated employee into the Integrated HR-Payroll System, formerly called BEACON. This process typically takes between 3-6 business days after the final offer is accepted by the candidate, but may take longer based on workload volume. Once the employee’s hiring action is complete, they will receive an email from our BEACON Section that includes their Personnel ID number and instructions on how to enter time.

NCIDs and Timesheets

Each employing agency is responsible for issuing an NCID to their temporaries employed through Temporary Solutions. Temporary employees must have an NCID in order to enter their time directly in the Integrated HR-Payroll System. Temporaries without an NCID must submit their time to Temporary Solutions on a completed, signed paper timesheet by deadlines explained in their onboarding packet. The email address for submitting paper timesheets is

Payroll and Invoicing

Bi-weekly payroll occurs according to calendars published by the NC Office of the State Controller. Time must be entered and approved before bi-weekly payroll finalization in order to be paid on the next scheduled bi-weekly payday.

Following bi-weekly payroll finalization, Temporary Solutions generates invoices for all personnel expenses paid to (wages) and on behalf of (taxes and medical insurance employer contributions, where required) the employee or agency.

The invoices also include the Temporary Solutions Administrative Charge of $2.00 per hour of time worked by the temporary. To calculate the Administrative Charge as a billing rate:

Hourly rate x 0.0765 + $2.00

Invoices are posted to each agency billing contact’s Temporary Solutions Customer Portal. Invoice terms are Due Upon Receipt. Past due notices are issued once invoices age 31 or more days (First Notice: aged 31-60 days; Second Notice: aged 61-90 days; Referral to Attorney General’s Office: 91+ days).