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Temporary Solutions has been assisting state government with temporary staffing needs since 1986. Our mission is to serve the state exclusively and at a minimal cost, which is passed on to you, our customer. As part of the Office of State Human Resources, we understand the unique needs of state government. Our Placement Counselors are trained to assist you in identifying the most appropriate state job classification and associated pay range for each job placement.

We have migrated to Cognito forms, but are collecting the same information.

Separation Requests and Notifications Now Required by Law (N.C.G.S. § 126-6.3(a4))

Cabinet and Council of State agencies are now required to notify Temporary Solutions when any temporary employee separates due to the 11-month limit.  This communication must be submitted to Temporary Solutions before the temporary exceeds their 11-month limit, or before their exception to the 11-month requirement expires.  For all Cabinet and Council of State temporaries who are paid in the Integrated HR-Payroll System (IHRPS), including those employed through Temporary Solutions or directly by the State agency, please submit your notification via the “Separations and Extensions” page below.  For Cabinet and Council of State temporaries paid outside of the IHRPS – such as through a third-party staffing service or any other method used to fill a workforce need for a limited period of time – please contact OSHR/TS Compliance Monitor Colie Cashwell.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tab/Accordion Items

Please review the New Job Order Portal Job Aid. It will walk you through the process step-by-step.

This depends on whether you are sending the job order with a recommended employee or whether we are recruiting for the position. It will also depend on the position itself. Obviously, some positions are harder to recruit for than others.

Please click here to submit an extension.

You will need to submit a new job order for any salary change. All salary changes will be effective at the beginning of a pay period and are not retro back to previous pay periods.

This can be found out by contacting your assigned placement counselor. They can let you know when the employee is due for the break. An email is also sent 45 to 60 days in advance of the due date of the 31-day break to let you know that required break is forth coming so that you can make arrangements.

The supervisor should be the one responsible for approving time in the MSS system in BEACON. However, some facilities/programs do have time keepers and will continue to have their temporaries to complete paper time sheets. Those timekeepers at the respective program/facility will be the responsible person for keying and approving the time.

Each program has designated time administrators. In absence of the supervisor, the time administrator will be responsible for approving the time. The supervisor should make the time administrator and the temporary aware so that this does happen and the employee is paid timely.

It will be keyed and paid on the following payroll.

No. Late time sheets will be paid on the following payroll.

No job order is good for more than 11 months. The job order can be extended past that only if an email is received requesting an extension of the employee.

Please Note: Only a retiree or a full-time student are exempt from the 11-month rule.

An official class schedule is required for each semester showing that the temporary continues to be enrolled as a full-time student. If an extension is received for a student, it will only be approved through the end of the current semester.

If the temporary has been working for more than 11 months and extensions have been granted because they were able to supply the required documentation and the temporary graduates in May, they will be allowed to work only through the end of the month that they graduated. At that point, they will be required to take a 31-day break. This is the same for a December graduation. They would only be allowed to work through the end of December, then a 31-day break is required.

Yes. Beginning August 2016, Temporary Solutions began sending out statements. They normally go out on the 10th of each month unless that is a weekend date. Should the 10th fall on a weekend, the statements will be emailed out to all billing contacts on the following Monday.